How To Take Care Of Your Hair Like An Omani Woman


Omani women have always been known for their interest in beauty and their elaborate home remedies. Since ancient times (and till this day), beautifying traditions of the Omani lady continued to work a beauty magic for generations.

I’ve always admired how women in my family put tons of effort in taking care of their hair using different kinds of natural herbs, targeting a longer, healthier, and shinier hair. Ingredients such as green lote leaves (known locally as sidr), Prunus mahaleb, henna and rose water. Here are tips to using local ingredients to make your hair dreams come true:

Mix sidr leaves with yoghurt or castor oil

Sidr is one of the miracle herbs mentioned in the holy Quran for its importance and its great benefits. These organic leaves help reduce dandruff, softens frizzy curl and trimmed edges, and treats damaged hair. It’s also known for its ability to strengthen hair, making it healthier and more vibrant and voluptuous.

In a bowl, mix a bunch of crushed sidr leaves with yoghurt and one egg. Rub the mixture on your hair and leave it for two to three hours before washing it with lukewarm water. After that, let it air-dry.
To moisturise it, add a few drops of cactus oil. Repeat this exercise twice a week for at least two months for long hair with lots of volume.

Alternatively, you could mix the leaves with castor oil for the same results. Add three spoons of crushed sidr, two spoons of castor oil and two of virgin olive oil or sesame oil. Mix all the ingredients together till you get a somewhat liquid paste. Rub the mixture on your hair and massage for ten minutes. For best results, repeat daily for two weeks.

Use Prunus mahaleb extract

The extracted oil from mahaleb is one of the best ingredients that nourish the hair, it gives the hair strength, volume and shimmer, it also protects and repairs damaged hair and gives it a beautiful smell.

This particular extract is quite aromatic, which is traditionally used to perfume the hair. All you need to do is: Take a teaspoon of crushed mahaleb, a pack of yoghurt and tablespoon of mayonnaise. Before taking a shower, mix all the ingredients till you get a solid paste, and then apply the mixture onto your hair and keep it for half an hour, wrapped with a plastic cover or a shower cap. Wash your hair as usual, and repeat once a week for best results.

Dye your hair with henna

Henna is a natural paste made of natural leaves, known for its great benefits for your hair. Women seeking a long, strong and soft hair with healthy roots use henna regularly. It’s also used for covering grey hair without causing any damage. If you decide to use henna you have to store the mixture it in a dark and wet place and you can use it every four or three weeks to get beautiful and colourful hair.


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