8 Benefits To Using Omani Loomi (Dried Limes)


Did you know that dried limes are staple ingredients in the Omani kitchen? Yes, the black limes, known locally as loomi, are popular in town and they pack a ton of health benefits, too.

These dried balls of goodness are made by boiling fresh limes and then leaving then to sun-dry. The end result is a unique, tangy and sweet flavour with a rich fermented aroma.

This ingredient is an ancient Omani citrus spice that became popular in the Arabic and Asian kitchens, with colour ranging from pale brown to ashy black with a hard and thin outer shell. When cracked open, these limes have a dry flaky flesh. The darker the lime the more intense and pungent the flavour. Usually crunched to bits or used as a powder.

This week, we are exploring the health benefits of this Omani ingredient. Here are eight benefits to using black limes:

1. Prevents Heart Disease
Contains beneficial potassium components excellent for heart muscles as it strengthens and regulates the pumping of blood. It also lowers blood pressure and reduces cholesterol.

2. Promotes A Healthy Digestion System
Black limes cure diarrhoea and other gastric issues, and boost the immune system. A natural cleanser for the digestive system; it reliefs constipation and opens appetite.

3. It’s A Brilliant Detox Agent
Expels harmful bacteria, waste and other toxins out of the body by cleaning the intestine with its high percentage of vitamin C and antibacterial properties.

4. It Has Anti-Cancer Properties
It’s Anti-cancer properties prevent the DNA change, due to the compounds that are reported to stop cell division in numerous cancer cell lines. Work as a natural antibiotic too.

5. Has A Ton Of Minerals
Contains folic acid, B vitamin and amino acid, Along with traces of minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, which aids in producing new cells formation.

7. It Packs Vitamin C
Dried limes fight inflammation, common cold and raise the efficiency in the immune system. It also protects the body from viral infections and stress.

8. A Great Source For Vitamin D
It Increases physical movement, prevents osteoporosis, strengthens the bones, muscles and teeth.

Bonus: A recipe for Chai Tea with Omani Loomi


– 3 dried limes
– 2 cups of water
– Honey


– Pick or crack the dried lime open in a pan
– Add water and bring to boil
– Simmer for 20 minutes
– Remove from heat and let it warm
– Drain and filter the drink in a cup
– Add the honey to sweeten the drink.

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