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Sur Al Hadid: A New Beach Carnival in Oman

A Three-Day Carnival For The Whole Family


The Muscat Eat team is back with yet another festival for the season, but this time they have brought a new and exciting experience to Oman: A beach carnival for the whole family titled ‘Sur Al Hadid’.

The three-day carnival that takes place from the 7th to 9th March at the beautiful Seeb Corniche, Sur Al Hadid, promising a weekend full of scrumptious eats, watersports, art installations, live music, and lots of recreational activities for the kids.

The festival aims at promoting Oman’s tourism, local business and a variety of restaurants to young audiences and lovers of food. With a beachfront view and breezy weather, this is easily the perfect weekend spot. Visitors will get to enjoy long walks by the beach while munching on their favourite food. Here are ten things you shouldn’t miss at the carnival:

1. Stop by Seeb Volunteers for some delicious bites and handicrafts. At the stall, you’d spot local women selling their best homemade food and Omani-inspired handicrafts.

2. Sip on karak tea at the Kashkth Karak (milk-based cardamom tea) Make sure to order your tea with some crispy deep fried samosas. It’s a perfect match.

3. Meet the Amigos, a family restaurant making their debut at the carnival with Mexican food. Get your tacos and other classic favourites here.

4. For desserts, stop by Knafa House for some cheesy, crispy treats. The shop is located in Al Khoudh, it’s a must-try.

5. Quench a thirst at Celebrity Juice. The name itself makes you feel good. Indulge in their 12 mini pancakes that come with lots of flavours including pistachio and Nutella.

6. Art aficionados, rejoice; Samra Art is here to serve you a blend of Islamic and modern art. Head over here if you are looking for gifts or to just appreciate the beautiful calligraphy.

7. Alaa Patisserie has some gorgeous Moroccan treats. Make sure to have them with a cup of kahwa (Omani coffee)

8. This is another favourite stop for loves of meats. Try some succulent barbecued cuts at The BBQ, they are juicy and just delicious. They also grill fresh-out-the-water fish, too.

9. Live music at the Just Jams corner is quite a highlight. Watch Ghazi Al Balushi and his fellow musicians perform some of your favourite records, live.  The acoustic sound adds  a lovely atmosphere to the place. Lovers of music will truly appreciate this.

10. You cannot enjoy a celebration without Omani traditional dances. The streets are occupied by professional dancers waving their swords to the beat of traditional drums. Quite a lovely experience.

* The Sur Al Hadid beach carnival is open from 4pm to midnight.

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