Twisted Roots Releases A Paris-Inspired Collection For A/W2019

The new collection merges the brands classic elegance with contemporary modern.

For this A/W collection Twisted Roots has travelled to the beautiful city of Paris. Inspired by the layers of history seen through the magnificent architectural structures across the city the collection merges the classic elegance with contemporary modern. The city’s well-planned and structured layout is what inspired the linear pleated details and clean forms within the styles. Paris has preserved its historic aesthetic while embracing the modern wave of design this is highlighted by the Arcs within the city. They frame the city’s transition between the past and the future.

Within this collection, we wanted to create a visual frame around the body through design details such as strong shoulders, exaggerated sleeve details, high collars, line details inspired by the architecture. Combining these details with polyester blended fabrics that hold the design and yet softly fall over the body giving the style grace and elegance. We have also used monochrome piping through the panels adding subtle texture to the design.

The colour board is inspired by the pastel hues of Paris Old Town to compliment the strong modern designs of the styles. The colour palette includes dusty pinks, light blue, navy blue, and greys. The collection also includes the classic black and pearl white to complete your look.


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