Omani Rose Water, A Secret Beauty Potion

Oman is home to one of the purest rose waters in the world, produced from the finest fragrant damask rose found atop the mountains of Jabal Akhdar in Al Dakhiliya region.

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The Rose Garden of Jabel Akhdar is known for its beautiful roses hand-picked from the fields at dawn when temperature is low and made through stem distilled water using their organic fresh rose petals.

Although the product is produced in many other countries such as Lebanon, Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Oman’s rich, smoke-scented version makes it a unique ingredient for beauty regimens that comes with a ton of therapeutic benefits for all skin types. Here are 8 benefits you should know about:

1. It Packs Antioxidants

Rose water contains numerous powerful antioxidants that neutralise and help strengthen skin cells. It also rejuvenates and regenerates skin tissues, leaving it soft, glowing and perfectly plumped.

2. It’s Anti-Ageing

Rose water has anti-ageing properties that work like magic on ageing skin by reducing fine lines over time and keeping wrinkles at bay, especially around the eyes. And, it discourages premature ageing, too.

3. It Maintains pH level

Helps in nourishing the skin by maintaining its pH level, which aids in controlling excess oil and grime.

4. It Heals

Rose water helps accelerate the healing process of terrible sunburns and tingling sensations with its cooling properties.

5. It Cleans and Disinfects

It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which makes it a great choice for cleaning off infections, wounds and cuts. With consistent application, the water help in speeding up the process of fading scars.

6. It Reduces Redness

Rose water is anti-inflammatory, great for skin disorders, reduces redness and puffiness along with preventing acne, blackheads, whiteheads, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema.

7. It’s Hydrating

Its astringent-like properties are very hydrating; they moisturise dry skin for a refreshed look. It is also the ultimate cleanser when it comes to removing oil, dirt and debris within the clogged pores. When applied after face steaming, it tightens capillaries and improves complexion.

8. It Calms the Mind

The scent of organic rose water is soothing and calming to the mind, and a spray on the pillow helps you de-stress and doze off into a good night sleep. The aroma of roses is a powerful mood enhancer as it helps in promoting relaxation and getting rid of anxiety, leading to a healthy, youthful skin.

How to use:

– Use it as a facial cleanser or toner. Just rinse the face with rose water after washing it with your normal face wash. Gently massage the face in a circular motion using your fingers till it dries off.

– Use it on its own or mix it with organic apple cider vinegar, lemon or honey, in equal parts for extra benefits. Apply with a soaked cotton ball.

– Create a mist by adding rose water to a spray bottle to refresh the skin. Spritz twice a day.

Story by Reemsha Akbar

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