IAM MAI’s Latest Collection, A Balance Between Grace And Strength

IAM MAI’s latest collection, titled Experiment 8, is an artistic translation of the journey to finding enlightenment. A collection dedicated to being your true self by finding the balance between grace and strength.

An initial muse of the trench coat lead Mai to design a collection inspired by its details and functionalities. A utilitarian garment associated with strength and practicality has been reimagined into different styles in the form of dresses and skirts highlighting lightness and grace, creating a balance.

A colour palette full of sincerity and confidence is portrayed through shades of cobalt blue, pink terracotta, onyx black and sheer white exemplifying the balance between strong and soft that one attempts to achieve. The collection expresses freedom, depth and intuition through the bold color of cobalt blue while simultaneously expressing the real and earthy side of femininity through the pink terracotta.

To illustrate this balance, Mai uses three different yet unique fabrics. With an aim to reimagine grace and lightness, light sheer organza is introduced in this collection along with a shiny fabric that Mai describes as “enlightened”. Heavy opaque crepe is blended into this experiment symbolising the strength within every woman. Realising your true self which is the beginning of every journey is brought out through the use of embellished sequin fabric.

Experiment 8 is an interpretation of every woman’s journey but more importantly, their choice, to be their true self. When you are your true self, you shine.

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