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Pamper up with an impressive line of skincare products from Natura Bissé.


You know those not-so-rare times when you’re torn between a facial and a massage? You have your body in the blue corner screaming for it, and your face in the red that has refused cooperation until you pacify its demands. Between clocking the required work hours, keeping up with the social circle, and making an attempt to get the mandatory hours of sleep, tending to the needs of our body (and mind) can be a little bit of a challenge sometimes. Well, the good news is that the beauty and wellness industry has adapted to the needs of the on-the-go spa enthusiasts. And thus, express treatments were born.

Caught in a similar not-so-rare battle, I found my answer at the very inviting The Spa by Kempinski, Muscat. I got the best of both – a 30-minute express facial with the award-winning Spanish luxury cosmetic brand, Natura Bissé, coupled with a 30-minute head massage. Though there was an option to choose a back, neck and shoulder massage or a foot massage, I reckoned the head massage would be the most appropriate after a long Sunday.

As I made my way through the property, I marvelled at the beautiful view of the infinity pool, the tantalizing aroma of a fresh supper spread, and the thoughtfully done interiors. Slipping into the spa, I was greeted with the distinct sound of falling water, the familiar redolence of a luxury spa, and my beaming therapist; I was ready to soak in the bliss of soulful rejuvenation. After a quick rundown of the line of products that are offered at The Spa, I was served some refreshments in the spacious relaxation lounge.

The Spa has an impressive line of skincare products from Natura Bissé. Offered in only select clinics, medical centres, and luxury spa destinations, Natura Bissé specializes in non-invasive, medical-grade skincare treatments that are revered the world over for their immediate visible benefits. Enriched with vitamins, collagen, amino acids and minerals, it is one of the most premium skincare brands. Suddenly, it was no longer surprising why my therapist just needed 30-minutes to show me results.

The express facial at The Spa uses products from The Cure Collection of Natura Bisse and focuses on restoration of damaged cells, hydration, and detoxification of the skin. As the first step to any beauty routine, my facial started with a refreshing cleanser that maintained the perfect balance between removing all the impurities and maintaining the skin’s natural hydration levels. My now prepped skin was ready to absorb what followed. My therapist dutifully explained the routine as he massaged my face with what felt like a hydrating cream. The face massage, apart from being thoroughly relaxing, is an essential part of the process as it stimulates lymphatic drainage (say goodbye to puffiness), increases blood circulation, and can even help in the development of collagen. The much-awaited facemask followed – a honey-textured, cool, satisfyingly tingly mask that had this strange ability to assure you that it had immediately started work on uncovering that lost radiance you’d been yearning for.

With the mask working its magic, my therapist moved to massage my palms, a truly enjoyable way to make the most of the waiting time. This mini hand massage (which I picked over a foot or head massage) confirmed that I had scored the right therapist. As they say, a good ride is nothing without a good rider; I’d say a good spa session is nothing without an ace masseuse.

A delightful few minutes later, the mask was thoroughly cleansed and followed with a toner and moisturizer – a vital post-treatment that adds the finishing touch to the therapy.

I realized it’s not the amount of time one spends intending to their beauty needs but the quality of what goes in that time. If you’re short on time, need a little refresher between your regular facial appointments, or simply feel like a quick round of pampering, this express facial at The Spa in Kempinski Muscat is everything you need. However, if you’re looking for some specialized facials, the Diamond Facial Experience and The Spa’s range of Hydra Facial MD Treatments are worth splurging on.

I, of course, still had a 30-minute head massage to go, which I was eagerly waiting for. My therapist started with gentle taps, and once we had established the right pressure, he transitioned to brisk lifting strokes with his fingers. With every circular motion, I could feel the lingering stress slipping away. My therapist’s passion for what he does led him to throw in a bonus neck massage, and he kneaded through what he described as some pretty obvious muscle knots. Despite my best efforts to stay awake, I was lulled into a dreamy state that seemed to put a fast-forward on my time.

Yet another treatment that you can opt for even in your lunch break, the head massage is completely oil-free, and though it does everything to take you to the zenith of relaxation, it also stimulates the mind leaving you invigorated and ready to tackle the next challenge with a clear head.

An hour later, I emerged from my bed, content, revitalized and glowing. The Natura Bissé express facial had left my skin feeling supple, moisturized and most importantly, with the visible radiance that I was aiming for. My advice: couple a facial with a massage and you’ll be walking out looking and feeling like a million dollars.


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