Dive into the World of Pearls this Summer 

“Pearls are always appropriate.” – Jackie Kennedy

It is the summertime and we are all about pearls this month. Pearls remind us of the vast seas, ocean breeze and easy breezy island life furthermore they make any outfit look elegant. What makes pearls stand out from the rest of the gemstones is the fact that they come from a living organism and the depth of the oceans and rivers, fact that makes pearls one of the rarest gems in the world. The truth is that the majority of pearls on the market today are cultured.

Pearls are popular in the Arabian Peninsula region which is known for its pearl diving culture, a long and rich tradition that marks the history of the region; years ago it was a way of life. Moreover, for many Asian cultures, pearls carry a very important symbolism; they represent the journey of the human soul’s path to perfection.

In his 1913 book “The curious lore of precious stones” George Kunz says: The diamond is to the pearl as the sun is to the moon, and we might well call one the “king-gem” and the other the “queen-gem”

In our upcoming webinar we will dedicate a whole class to the smooth beauty of pearls; at GIG we also offer a course in pearl grading. Let’s not forget that some of the world’s classical icons like Jackie Kennedy and Coco Chanel were big fans and often photographed with their pearls.

Join us and take a journey inside a pearl farm and learn everything about the several stages of the pearl culturing process.Understand the difference between natural and cultured pearls and discover the various types of pearl-bearing mollusks and their corresponding beautiful and precious pearls.
Sunday 5th of July 2020
11.00 am (GST)
English Language
Main Speakers: Eva Kountouraki GIG Academy Director

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