69 Years Of Fragrance – Ajmal Perfumes Oman

By Adela Eileen

It is rightly said that “Perfume is the art that makes the memory speak”, suggesting the reason to love perfumes is not just the essence, but the memories attached to them.

Egyptians were responsible for the origin of perfume, utilizing scents in everything from religious ceremonies to burials and everyday wear. The Persians took over the use of perfume as a sign of political status, but it wasn’t until the Greeks and Romans became acquainted with it that it began to be known as a form of art. Archaeologists recently uncovered a perfume factory from 2,000 BC located in Cyprus, which seemed to have specialized in the production of scents like coriander, laurel, myrtle, lavender, and rosemary. Perfume slowly spread throughout the globe, and for a while, scents were reserved mainly for use in religious ceremonies. However, in 1190, perfume began to be produced commercially in Paris, and from there, it blossomed into a massive industry once more.

Thus, there are a select number of prestigious perfumeries who have made their own presence worldwide, including some from the Middle East, immensely adored by all.

Ajmal is the name that comes to your mind when you think about perfume that belongs to a legacy, displaying true craftsmanship and trust. The Story of Ajmal is fascinating, it starts with a young boy, the son of a humble rice farmer, who had a vision to provide a sustainable life for his family. Through hard work and sincerity and some 69 years later, Ajmal today boasts 240 + retail stores across the globe and delivers a wide range of products from oudh, oils, home fragrances, creams, and perfume.

While its hard to choose your favorites, Ajmal is not only known for arabic fragrances but oriental and international scents also. ‘Aurum’ speaks of a love for flowers, exuding an ever-alluring appeal, or if you love the outdoors, the ‘Amber wood hair mist’ is definitely a must-try. For your home, brighten the space with Ajmal’s sea ‘Nafahat Malakiya’ room fresheners or romantic sky sprays.

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