Why Is Dubai The Go-To Destination For Shopping?

Dubai boasts a number of festivals that include a variety of shopping and dining experiences.


Shopping, or more euphemistically known as retail therapy is a favourite type of therapy for most and some even swear that it’s much better than sitting with a shrink. when it comes to shopping, who does it better than Dubai?  Oman Magazine’s resident shopaholic, Christine Karan explains why Dubai is the shopping destination. 

It’s a cliché these days to call Dubai as a shopping destination; the dynamic city is known for innovative ideas and has gone several notches ahead to feed the ever-growing demand for a unique shopping experience. For consumers seeking that ‘something’ more, Dubai has always answered with various retail offerings that make even the ‘hate shopping’ consumers head to the mall.

Dubai Shopping Festival or colloquially called the DSF started several years ago, and has continued to be an iconic event till this day. In 2018 alone, the DSF has seen over 7 million visitors from across the globe flock to Dubai for a shopping spree.

Currently, Dubai is running its Dubai Summer Surprises, where prices of brands — both high street and luxury — are slashed to almost 50 to 75%, which is a perfect way to enjoy the sizzling summer with such cool offers.

So here are 6 reasons why Dubai is the place to go for shopping festivals.

1. Year-round Shopping Extravaganzas

Starting from the end of the year and extending to the New Year, DSF starts off the retail events for the year, followed by a dream for foodies: The Dubai Food Festival. Next, Ramadan and Eid sales hit the market. Come summer, the Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) arrives. While other festivals are on, the year’s curtain is drawn with a massive three day ‘Super Sale’ where prices are cut to almost 80% to 90%.

2. It’s More Than Just Retail

In the words of  Ms. Suhaila Saqer Obaid Ghubash, Director of Events, Festivals and Events of Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing, “These offers don’t just stop with stores, but across a whole range of hotels, spas and other attractions along with raffles and plenty of entertainment for everyone in the family to enjoy”.

3. Malls Become Mini-Adventure Venues

Shopping malls are more than just a pack of retail stores and food courts. In Dubai, they are one-stop destinations offering a variety of cuisines, cinemas, games, and many more. But during these retail festivals, malls go one step ahead and introduce unique ‘add-ons’. Mercato Mall, which is one of Dubai’s OG and Italian-styled mall, has included an ‘adult slide’ where you can slide down from the first floor to a pool of balls on the ground floor. So shopping just does not need to be a reason to head to the mall.

4. Exclusive Airline and Duty-Free Offers

Airlines such as Emirates and Dubai Duty-Free who are a strategic partner for the currently running Dubai Summer Surprise offer some fantastic bargains that work conveniently for the entire family. So make sure to save some money to spend at the duty-free.

5. Get Lucky!

There are many raffle draws happing across every retail outlet. From cash and luxury cars to a fully paid holiday trip, there are plenty of raffles for you to try and test your luck.

6. Luxury For All

While we all aim to shop that fabulous Hermes Birkin or the Miss Dior bag, let’s be honest we don’t shop it on a regular basis, but with the discounts and offers during shopping festivals, many luxury stores go on massive discounts, which is a perfect opportunity to spend your hard-earned money on that Chanel bag and not feel guilty. So stay sensible and stylish.

Whether you are planning to grab that pair of Jimmy Choo or pick out that perfect couch for your lounge, Dubai shopping festivals have it all. Happy shopping to you all.

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