Interview: A Trip To Buenos Aires With Lucas Raven

What’s your favourite part of Buenos Aires? 

It was my first time in Argentina, I have to say that Buenos Aires pleasantly surprised me with its unique attitude. The architecture is very European. The city reminded me of Paris and Madrid, with that Latin soul. My favourite part of the city was definitely Plaza de Mayo. 

That striking 19th-century central square is an eye candy. Very tasteful-vintage. It made me smile.

Where did you stay? Describe the property: 

I stayed at Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt, without a doubt, the best address in Buenos Aires. Elegance shimmers from every chandelier of that neo-classical palace, which pays homage to the glory days of Thirties Buenos Aires. Unfailingly stylish, like the city it belongs to, Palacio Duhau is a superb base for culture aficionados and architecture lovers.


What did you think about the city? 

Buenos Aires is cosmopolitan. Such a dynamic city, it’s so different from all other cities in South America. I can see myself living there actually! The style, the music, the attitude of the people. It’s so alive and full of passion and ambition. 

Is there a restaurant you recommend in the city? 

Oh yes, must go to Francis Mallmann’s restaurant in Buenos Aires, it’s called Patagonia Sur. Hands down, one of the best dining experiences I’ve had.

Did you feel safe walking the streets? 

Like every big city in the world, you have amazing neighbourhoods and you have those that aren’t the friendliest. Yes, it’s safe. I went out during the day and at night. I wouldn’t say it’s any less safe than New York or London. 

Describe your most memorable moment in the city 

I have to say the Polo lessons at La Aguada Polo Club. What an incredible experience. I’ve fallen in love with the city and this sport. 

What can you say about the food? 

Wow, wow, wow! The meat! Must visit for their exquisite meat-off-the-grill! Just thinking about it makes me hungry. They have the best meat selection. The steaks melt in your mouth like butter and honey. You can be anywhere in Buenos Aires and you’re guaranteed to have good food. When it’s time for Barbeque, the Argentinians do it right!

Which airline did you fly with and why? 

Qatar Airways flies from Doha to Buenos Aires daily. The best airline in the world. Incredible service, 5-star food and beverage menu and the most extensive inflight entertainment. 

Describe Buenos Aires in 3 words: 

Elegance. Style. Love. 

Your advice to travellers who are planning to visit: 

Must watch one of the Tango shows! Do not leave the city without watching a Tango show. You can thank me later. 

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