Soulful Rejuvenation: Aromatherapy At Karma Spa, Angkor Miracle


A spa-lover by nature, I understand that to truly enjoy a good spa session, the body must really yearn for it. It’s like a cheat day after a whole week of sticking to your diet; just that the only difference between a binge-eating cheat day and a massage is that the latter is actually good for the body.

Our trip to Siem Reap was all about covering as many of the famed Angkor temples during the day and then making the most of our very hospitable resort once the sun went down. Angkor Miracle Resort and Spa, our hosts during our three-day stay in Siem Reap, always had a thoughtful proposition for us to unwind. On a day when we had spent the majority of daylight hours going up and down a hundred temple stairs, there was nothing that seemed more appealing than entrusting the aching calves in the hands of a masseuse.

The Karma Spa in Angkor Miracle is all about wellness, health, and holistic living. To de-stress, our therapist suggested an aromatherapy massage with eucalyptus oil, also known as the Karma Classic Massage. Combining the calming effects of aromatherapy with a tension-relieving acupressure massage, the next sixty minutes looked blissfully promising.

From the ambient lighting and the subtle floral scents lingering in the air to the beaming faces and folded hands of our therapists, our spa room got more inviting as a jasmine-strewn Jacuzzi revealed itself from behind the delicate curtains.

Starting with the sole of the feet, my therapist gently made her way upwards. The acupressure technique involves applying pressure to specific points on the body to relieve muscle tension. With every new area that would be targeted, my therapist would ask and ensure she was exercising just the right amount of pressure. This seemed especially important since different parts of the body demanded different degrees of pressure; while my calves, which were a little sore from all the climbing, needed a stronger massage, I enjoyed a gentler kneading motion on my shoulders. Though we did have a choice of other essential oils like lavender, lemongrass, jasmine, or orange, I was content with what was picked for me. Eucalyptus oil, apart from being known to aid in respiration and soothe physical discomfort, is also one of the stronger scents I’ve grown fond of over several spa sessions. The session climaxed with a good long soak in the Jacuzzi while sipping on a refreshing cup of ginger tea.   

The therapists at Karma Spa have been specially trained by the resort and have all been with the spa for a minimum of three years; they are thus well-versed with the products used, the norms, and the high-standards that Angkor Miracle prides itself in upholding. Apart from regular training, the staff is also encouraged to take language lessons. A resort that receives guests from all over the world, Angkor Miracle deems that quality communication plays a vital part in being able to render services that will gain appreciation.

A resort that believes in personalized service, pays great attention to detail, and ensures that hospitality, comfort and luxury are rooted in every aspect of the property, the Karma Spa at Angkor Miracle did absolute justice to its claim of wholesome wellness.

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