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Luxurious Loungewear From Turkey With Love

1on1 with Gülay Said, Founder of Anessa Oman

Oman Magazine remotely chats with Gülay Said, Founder of the utterly gorgeous lingerie and loungewear brand Anessa Oman, to find out above her dream of opening a boutique in Muscat and her life living in The Sultanate.
What brought you from Turkey to Muscat?
I moved to Muscat three years ago because of my husband’s business. I had a dream of opening my own boutique for a long time and decided that Muscat would be the perfect place to start.
What inspired you to open Anessa Oman?
I firmly believe that every woman is special in her own way and all women deserve to wear quality designs. When i was thinking of names for my brand, I was inspired by the word ‘Anessa’ which simply put in arabic means ‘woman’. I don’t think there’s a more powerful name than women.
What can ladies expect to find in your boutique?
We’re a multi-brand boutique. Our customers can find from comfy pyjama sets, underwear, and even chic satin night dress sets. These pieces are collections from selected prestigious brands brought from Turkey to Oman. We can guarantee excellent quality and competitive pricing.
What do you think makes Anessa so popular here in Muscat?
I believe that Omani ladies are very stylish when they are outside the home, but equally like to choose special pieces to wear in their home; it’s important to feel good! I can say that all of our items are loved locally as the ladies trust the quality of Turkish products. Perhaps the popularity of Turkish TV series and streaming channels have contributed to the support of GCC ladies liking products from Turkey too!
How can people get in touch with you?
They can follow our Instagram page for all the latest collections @anessaoman
or contact us on +968 9378 7290 for any inquiries.

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