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1on1 With Mayan Al Asfoor – Buckets & Buckets

Tell us something about yourself

I am an Omani banker by profession (17 years in the banking industry in Oman) but a true foodie at heart. Currently I am a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful 18-month old baby girl and running the restaurant which opened in March 2020. I have a passion for food and travel and currently live between Oman and KSA, where my husbands’ business is.

What was the inspiration behind Buckets & Buckets?

The inspiration came from a combination of things; my love of good food and my fear of seafood! My husband was the reason behind the seafood, taking me to every Seafood Bucket restaurant in Saudi Arabia, which got me addicted. I then had the idea to be the first to bring this unique concept to Oman. Although there are other seafood options available in Muscat, they do not have specialised style that is common in Saudi. So, we started the project for fun and here we are today!

One of the most memorable moments in your profession? 

The moment I realised that there are no limits to reaching higher, whether that be in position or pay scale, and that I will never be satisfied with where I am. Strangely enough, that moment led me to leaving my last job while being 5 months pregnant to concentrate on my family.

One dish you personally prepared and are proud of?

My baked cheesecake – back in 2012 / 2013 I had a home business selling my homemade cheesecakes. It was called Cheesy Cakes by Meme. Sounds corny now but I really enjoyed it back then.

One ingredient you can’t live without?

Honey BBQ sauce

What is your least favourite recent food trend?

Burgers – yes I agree they are yummy but TOO MUCH already. Please foodies, let’s start something new and unique.

One hobby apart from cooking?

Travelling – I dreamt of being a travel blogger but I just never knew where to apply for that job. LOL

Your favourite cuisine. Do you have a favourite dish in particular?

Red Thai Curry

Your thought on food bloggers, critics how important are they to the society?

Very important but also very volatile. The pallet is tricky and can be easily fooled. A critic can make or break a new coming business and its sad because emotions can cause bias. We live in a society where EVERYONE is a critic.

Your one piece of advice to others?

Do what makes you happy. Work on something that makes you JUMP out of bed in the morning. Always ALWAYS follow your gut.

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