Why Is Al Ashkhara Beach The Next Best Destination In Oman?

Tourists in large numbers are flocking to Al Ashkhara. Its hotels, resorts and guest houses have recorded high occupancy rate throughout the year. This is because the entire area of Al Ashkhara has clean atmosphere and diverse natural environments including sand dunes and beautiful beaches.

There is a huge potential of investments in the area for investments in the hotel establishments.

Al Ashkhara, located in the Wilayat Jalan Bani Bu Ali in the Governorate of South A’Sharqiyah, is considered an area where tourists come throughout the year. This is due to the breeze which flatters their bodies and pleasant summer and winter in the area.  It is of the most famous tourist sites in the summer as it is influenced by the Khareef season of the Governorate of Dhofar.

Saud bin Hamad Al-Alawi, Director of Tourism in the Governorate of South A’Sharqiyah, said: The governorate has environmental, geographical, and heritage elements which show the history and deep rooted Omani civilization. It is one of the most preferred destinations for tourists who want to try something different. They are attracted towards its wide beaches and tender breeze.

Al-Alawi said that during summer, tourists enjoy relatively cold weather in Al Ashkhara. In winter also the weather is pleasant. It is a place in the Sultanate where weather is always moderate.

Al Ashkhara is also attractive for its old houses and desert on which sunlight reflects creating beautiful and aesthetic view. It has golden sand beaches which attract tourists and flocks of birds. There are a number of homes and guest houses which welcome tourists and visitors.

Ashkhara has a number of hotel establishments, including two hotels, 2 rest houses, 5 guest houses and a camp. It gives an opportunity to tourists to enjoy the place and have an overview of the Arabia Sea. Its tranquility and warmth of the sunlight attract tourists.

Omran Company – a tourism development company of the Sultanate –  has opened Atana Al Ashkhara hotel (formerly known as youth hostels) to support local tourism and develop various other hotel assets in Al Ashkhara.

Courtesy of ONA.

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