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The Dimaniyat Islands: A Diver’s Paradise In Oman

About an hour off the coast of Oman lies a place where divers go to meet exotic creatures at their aquatic home.


The Dimaniyat Islands are such a dream for those of us who enjoy exploring rich marine life. These conserved islands offer a colourful look into life under the ocean, where you can find a variety of species mingling and swimming in crystal clear waters. It is a premier spot that’s tough to beat, making it one of the holy grails of diving in all of Oman.

Photo courtesy of Maisa Al Hooti

Floating atop the turquoise waters of this insanely beautiful island is not all there is. You can stroll on its grainy powder-white sands that surround its nine little isles, and explore an abundance of marine life that comprises exotic creatures and coral reefs.

One of the most surreal experiences is gazing at the fish as they swim past you in vibrant multicolour groups, offering divers a moment to marvel at the beauty of the underwater world. If you’re lucky, you might spot a shark or two, serving a rush of adrenaline for the adventurous folks.

Photo courtesy of Maisa Al Hooti

Given its status as a protected nature reserve, the place is home to some of the rarest organisms in the country. Divers can spot hawksbill and green turtles, as well as migratory raptors and birds such as the sharp-looking sooty falcon,as they swoop and fly around the islands. Some of these creatures nest and breed on the island from early May to late October, which prompts a restriction for visitors during that particular period. For the remainder of the year, a minimal fee is requested for a visit.

The islands may be the go-to place for diving, but they have increasingly become a great destination for those seeking an exclusive getaway to camp in the middle of the sea. If camping is not your cup of tea and you would prefer a less rugged experience, you can book a boat and have yourself a yachting experience around the islands.

Photo courtesy of Maisa Al Hooti

How to reach these islands you ask? You can contact a travel agent and they shall guide you through the best point of entry, which includes Almouj Marina in Seeb anåd Bandar Al Rowdha.

The Dimaniyat islands have quickly become a must-visit place for both locals and tourists who are on the lookout for an unparalleled journey below the waves. I had an unforgettable experience, and I believe you would too. So put on your snorkelling mask and dive in.

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