The 6 Most Instagram-worthy Spots In Oman


Finding the right backdrop for your next Instagram picture can be quite the task. However, for those of us living in Oman, we are lucky to be surrounded by scenic landscapes, mighty mountains, and breathtaking coastal shores. So here’s a guide for those trying to find new Instagrammable spots, which are bound to make your friends abroad hop on the next flight to the Sultanate.

1. Wahiba Sands

Whisk away to the golden dunes, singing and dancing under the stars, living out your ultimate desert adventure. Wake up to incredible AM sunrises, wind down with breathtaking sunsets, pretending to be Aladdin/Jasmine as you live out your magical Arabian fantasy.

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2. Nakhal Fort:

It’s a beautiful old fort, outlined by date trees of the surrounding oasis, which makes for a perfect photo-op with 360° panoramic views from the top of the fort. Navigate the history and significance as you make your way through corridors and passageways, with artefacts adorning the walls.

Muttrah-Corniche, Muscat, Oman
Muttrah. Courtesy of

3. Muttrah Corniche

Travel to the old city of Muttrah, to learn the rich traditions and cultures of Oman, take a walk by the waterfront promenade, pop into one of the oldest souqs and come away with a souvenir or two. Enjoy the views of forts and palaces, feed some seagulls, and click away some snaps by the picturesque bay.

Courtesy of artist Abdulmalik Al Maskari

4. Graffiti Wall

Over the years Al Mouj has become a hub for all things cool, ranging from great dining options, wonderful living community, and water activities. But most people don’t know about the little pier, lit by string lights, and surrounded by food trucks. It’s a new development within the past few months, but what makes it special is the incredible artwork that covers the surrounding walls. Spray painted by local Omani artists, the graffiti wall is colourful and loud. Next time you’re there, grab a drink, head over to the wall, and click away some cool and artsy pictures.

diana-s-point, Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar

5. Diana’s point

Named after the 1986 visit of one of the most popular royals of all-time Princess Diana, lying on top of the Siaq plateau (2,000 ft. above sea level), boasts insane scenic views of the western Omani skyline. Climbing a mountain is as close as one can come to the feeling of euphoria, so take advantage of a weekend and plan a trip up to the Hajar Mountains in Jebel Al Akhdar, with sight’s you don’t want to miss.

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6. Love Street

Located in the heart of Al Qurum, this beautiful beach-side is an ultimate romantic setting, with beautiful sunsets, a glittering ocean, all while being highlighted by beautiful mountains. Maybe the beach got it’s nickname because anyone and everyone who walks/drives by the “Love Street”,  ends up falling in love with this gorgeous setting.

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