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Go Off-Road With Zahara In Oman

The leading travel and tourism organisation in Oman.

Oman is a destination blessed with beautiful, diverse landscapes, rich heritage and culture, and replete with an ancient history that’s proven to possess all the drama required to plan out the trip of a lifetime. To experience all of this, you need a people-centric and professional tourism organisation, and there is where Zahara Group comes to play.

Since its inception in 1971, Zahara Group has blossomed to become the go-to agency for avid travellers. From booking flight tickets, renting vehicles, planning fun-filled itineraries and hiking excursions, to offering local and international leisure packages for the holidays, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs. With a reputation built over the decades, Zahara has to its credit a sizeable loyal client following.

The group has managed millions of passengers including corporate and leisure travellers, cruise passengers, MICE delegates, short transit guests, and lots more. With loyal and dedicated trippers and tourers who continue to make unforgettable moments atop the dunes and below the sea, and professional and enthusiastic staff who are passionate and relentless in building relationships based on trust and respect, and delivering value to society, Zahara is truly the largest name in Oman’s tourism and hospitality industry.

The group has won numerous awards that place them in the upper echelon of tourism in Oman. They’ve been honoured and awarded by global airlines, hotels, cruise liners and, most notably, on five occasions they have been awarded the Oman Award for Excellence in Tourism. 

Going forward, The Zahara Group seeks to differentiate itself through customer-centricity, innovation, entrepreneurship, trustworthiness and values-driven business operations, whilst maintaining their name atop the list.

Experiences To Try

1. Discover The Sultanate with Zahara Tours

Care to discover some of the best tours and excursions in Oman? Whether you’d like to go for dune-bashing in Al Sharqiyah Sands with your family or have a want to enjoy a day trip with your conference partners, Zahara Tours is definitely a match.

Zahara Tours was honoured by the prestigious World Travel Award at a recently held event in Abu Dhabi as Oman’s leading tour operator. Specialised in FIT groups, conferences, charters, special interest groups, cruises and adventure tours, the organisation promises wonderful trips in the company of multilingual tour guides who are true insiders to Oman.

Who is it for? Tourists who seek awe-inspiring natural wonders, stunning architecture, and Omani culture; day trippers who  would love to explore picturesque harbours, ancient forts, and the oldest MICE travellers who stop by Oman for meetings, conferences and exhibitions but want to stray off their business itinerary to unwind amid Oman’s rugged nature; and golfers who want a chance to experience the greatest golf courses in the country.

2. Go On An Adventure With Hike and Bike

Getting acquainted with the Omani countryside is a wonderful experience. In 2012, Zahara introduced Hike and Bike Oman to the world, a home for rugged adventurers and explorers who love to discover the country’s beauty in an exciting way. The company aims at promoting professional cycling and hiking tours in the country, with emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of safety.

The tours are crafted to blend a mix of cultural adventures, physical challenges, and spectacular views, comprising off-the-beaten-path routes and tracks that will surely make it an unforgettable memory that will last a lifetime.

Some of the guided adventures on offer include the Water Trail biking tour, Canyon biking tour, and Old Village hiking tour, to name a few.

3. Stay At The View Oman:

This marvellous, up-in-the-clouds luxury eco-resort serves a magical vacation spot atop the mountains. Situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city, on the road between Al Hamra to Hail Al Shas. The View Oman is surrounded by panoramic views of Al Hamra village that promises a breathtaking experience.

The resort offers unmatched hospitality, which makes for a comfortable stay. Guests can spend their day lounging by the infinity swimming pool on top of a mountain, marveling at the beautiful sunset while dining at the terrace of the in-house restaurant or go for expeditions and tours in the surrounding neighbourhoods to truly explore life in traditional Omani towns and villages. Places such as the ancient town of Al Hamra, Jabal Shams and the revered traditional market of Nizwa souq are all on offer.

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