Whip It! Delna Prakashan’s Guide To Getting Sassy And Skilled In The Kitchen

Our extremely busy and demanding lifestyles can leave us ordering most, if not all, of our meals from Deliveroo, resulting in self-care taking a back seat. Being able to cook for yourself is a simple and fun way to remedy this and luckily with the launch of Whip It! you will have all of the key and vital information to cook up a storm for you and the family.

Whip It! is the debut cookbook of a talented and creative Dubai born Indian national, Delna Prakashan, who studied hospitality and cooking in Dubai and Europe, before moving to a corporate career in advertising. Her love for food remains an abiding passion and she enjoys nothing more than teaching kitchen-phobic friends a few easy and tasty recipes that will give them a real sense of kitchen mastery. Delna travels the world regularly, soaking up local cuisine and getting inspiration wherever she goes and adds the adventure into her recipes with taste and authentic aroma.

Delna’s approach is quite Nigella-esque – have fun, enjoy food – and her joie de vivre comes across on every page within the book. It’s ‘sassy’ and light-hearted in its approach, a joyful rebuttal to the rather earnest Deliciously Ella, who is imploring us to not eat gluten, dairy, meat, eggs or terrible things will happen to our health.

Whip it! is not only filled with easy recipes, but it’s a complete cooking course including tips on cooking the perfect steak and understanding different types of mushrooms. It is not all about just food, Whip It! is a lifestyle book too, and it is full of non-food tips and ideas on how to unwind and take care of yourself. It is the best way at the end of a long day as there’s something mindless and hands-on about cooking, which makes it feel like a relaxation therapy.

Whip It! is priced at 130 AED is currently available for pre-order at and at  and officials launches on November 19th.

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