Experience The Black Menu At Jashn Restaurant In Oman

Serving The Best Of Indian Cuisine With Hints Of Innovation


Jashn has always been my favourite Indian restaurant simply because not only are they innovative but consistent as well. With newly renovated interiors, a bright vibe and a new menu, I had to stop by for a quick meal.

This time around, I sampled some items from their Black al carte menu, which is an interesting, black-themed gastronomic journey. Those who are in the mood for experimentation will not be disappointed.

We were welcomed with a Mini idli starter that was a beautiful combination of achaari idli, normal idli and mint idli with mint foam. Representing the colours of the Indian flag, the treats were soft and pretty to look at, retaining the perfect balance of flavours.

We were also served a soothing broth with hints of lemongrass called paneer thukpa, a Tibetan soup with a beautiful twist of paneer dumplings rather than noodles. The dish was comforting and light.

For drinks, we had Galaxy chaas and lime and orange margarita. Both these had shades of black and were refreshing.

After enjoying our drinks, we ordered our appetisers. Gabbar chicken with sweet cucumber raita, thick pieces of tikka prepared with an in-house signature marinade made by their staff, Gabbar. The chicken was tender and the flavours were inviting.

Patrani paneer was another delicious starter, a vegetarian take on patrani machi was a layered block of paneer stuffed with coriander, mint and coconut chutney and steamed to perfection in banana leaves. This was an absolute delight and quite an inspiration. I would strongly recommend this to those who can’t devour the fish version of the same, must try this vegetarian makeover.

We were then served the palak and bhindi (okra) chaat called the Dharmesh chaat. This was crunchy and delicious. A superb starter for vegetarians.

We also tried their black golden chicken from their Black menu, which resembled charcoal. Again, simple chicken tikka but sports a black colour and a crunchy exterior.

After plates of appetisers, we had our mains starting with lemongrass paneer bhurji with onion kulcha and white chicken stew with black idiyappam (Indian rice noodles). I immediately fell in love with both these mains; the lemongrass just added the wow factor to the paneer bhurji and the onion kulcha complemented it beautifully.

For some change, we had the Kerala style chicken stew, which is probably the best I’ve ever eaten. The dish served an exciting twist of black idiyappam to go with the stew.

For desserts, we tried river stone, a treat made of strawberry, caramel, lime and vanilla chocolates coated with cocoa butter, resembling rock stones. This was sublime and delectable in taste and beautiful in presentation. We were also served a decadent chocolate honeycomb with paan flavour.

I must say, Jashn nails it every time when it comes to innovation and taste. Their take on the Indian cuisine is inspiring. Take a bow Team Jashn.

Dine at Jashn:

+968 2448 8521

Al Khuwair, Bousher, Muscat (Opposite Safeer International)


About the Contributor: Oneza Tabish is a food influencer, blogger, consultant and stylist who has a knack for features writing and food reviews. She is the founder of popular dining Facebook group ‘What’s Cooking Oman’.

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