Healthier Living With Mai’s Salads

After watching countless bloggers, vloggers and socialites across Oman rave about Mai’s Salads, we simply couldn’t wait any longer and decided that our long lockdown phase needed a healthier approach with some hearty and healthy salads thrown into the mix.

“My brand isn’t about diets, but more about healthier living. I support a healthy lifestyle and maintain one myself but life is about balance. The salads are more about delivering a full experience. I want to shift the notion of salads being “diet” food to just clean eating, where people can be healthy and also enjoy their meal to the fullest without compromising on taste or flavour” – Mai Al Asfoor, Founder of Mai’s Salads.

We decided to try out two different salads and something sweet for dessert. We started with the ‘Strawberry to My Rocca’ salad (above) and the ‘Rainbow Salad with Grilled Prawns’ (below). The components to each salad have been lovingly selected and trialled by Mai herself, testing out her signature dressings and sauces to make each salad uniquely special.

We paired this leafy and protein packed lunch with the best-selling Hibiscus Drink, which is the perfect blend of sweet and sour, and finished it all off with some peanut butter stuffed, salted-chocolate coated dates; what could be better than that? These are truly indulgent energy balls of goodness. Yes there’s chocolate, but dates are age-old energy releasers, peanut butter is a superfood on ‘the gram’ and a bit of dark chocolate gives you endorphins; so what’s not to love? Oh, and that cracked sea salt adds an air of sophistication to the whole thing. Yep. We will be back for more.

Mai’s Salads can be found on Talabat and Akeed. Or you can reach out via Instagram below:


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