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Oman Magazine’s Editor passed by Gainz Oman to explore their gluten-free and protein-packed range of hearty salads, wraps, and guilt-free sweet treats. As a strictly gluten-free and dairy-free journalist, it can often be excruciating-ly difficult to find foods that accommodate such restrictive dietary constraints. Well, how delighted she was to find this super trendy, health-positive corner full of her favourite dishes, that she dragged along the team to test it for themselves…

Gainz was launched in 2017 as one of the hottest smoothie bars to join the F&B scene, catching the eyes of health-aware residents and locals alike. Some might say it became the home of sports and fitness clientele and ‘health-buffs’. However, by 2019 the brand had quickly evolved from a smoothie joint to a superfood bar full of delicious, healthy eats. Always promising natural and clean eats, the range includes detox shots, vegan options, nutrient rich dishes and guilt-free pleasure.

With such a variety on offer, it was rather difficult for our team to decide what to order (it all looked so tasty). We decided to start with the Grilled Halloumi Wrap, which is handmade and contains roasted sweet potato, grilled halloumi and rocket salad, served with a tangy sweet mustard vinaigrette.

Next up, was the Power Buddha Bowl. A new and improved mouth-watering mixed bowl made with chickpeas, white and red quinoa, rocca salad, avocado, roasted beetroot, butternut squash, super seeds and drizzled with a delicious tahina sauce. What could be better than that? Let us just say this, healthy does not mean sacrificing on flavour. Oh no. At Gainz, they make everything as salivating as can be, with maximum flavour and minimum guilt. This salad was hearty, filling, flavourful and oh-so-fresh. We will be coming back for this on a lunch break soon.

Now moving on to the shots. After months in lockdown, we needed to feel a kick of energy, and what better way than with MOOD-IFER shots? Made with the golden liquids of Turmeric, Coconut milk and ginger, this shot boosted our mood, morale and made us feel rather good about ourselves. We are detox-ready! Goodbye junk food, hello endorphins!

And last, but of all means least, let’s talk about the sweeter options on hand. From overnight soaked cocoa oats to hand rolled Faux-rocher treats, the selection of gluten free and dairy free protein balls, brownies, truffles and more are incredible. They taste fantastic! Some come with pistachio crusting, others drizzled in dark chocolate, all whilst eliminating processed and refined sugars and replacing with natural sweeteners such as honey or fruit alternatives. There were too many tasty bites to review them all, but we hope this short video below shows just how devilishly good these balls of nourishment were…

To get your hands on Gainz, simply visit them on Instagram, order via or visit them at The Links Building, Muscat Hills.


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