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BonzArt Introduces Beautifully Handcrafted Chocolate

1on1 with co-founders Tahir AlJahdhami and Sheryl Christopher

When selecting the perfect gift for loved ones, family or friends, there are fewer things more delightful than a box of beautifully handcrafted chocolates. In Muscat, BonzArt produces some of the most delectable chocolates made with the freshest ingredients, available for collection or delivery.

Oman Magazine chats with founder Tahir AlJahdhami and Sheryl Christopher to find out about the passion behind the brand and the process of handmade chocolate making in Muscat.

How did it get started?

We thought that it would be an excellent idea for us to open an artisan chocolate spot as i enjoyed creating something unique, with a pitch perfect balance between flavours, colours, aromas and texture. Tahir, being a pilot who has vastly travelled, indulging in different food and cuisines wanted us to create something magical for Oman.

Why Chocolate?

I think that chocolate isn’t very forgiving, its actually very challenging to work with. You’ll need the right knowledge, skills and the right environment to work with it. Once you have that, then it’s just a walk in the park. There are many chocolate shops out there but we wanted BonzArt to have a league on its own. The reason why we say this is because we want to give people a variety of taste from the East to the West especially since every single bonbons are handmade in our kitchen using only fresh ingredients obtained from near and far.

Why Muscat?

Because Muscat is home to the both of us. Having that said, we wanted Oman to be introduced to something new, something extraordinary.

What inspired the name BonzArt?

The name BonzArt came from the word “bonbons” which means small chocolate confections. But because of how artistic each bonbon looked, my late dad suggested that we name it BonzArt. Thats how our little gem got its name.

Hardest part of being a chocolatier?

The hardest part of being a chocolatier is the constant pressure of making every bonbon beyond the ordinary. Especially when making new flavours, i have to ensure that its been well executed and harmoniously presented. Not only does the chocolate need to be delicious but it also needs to look aesthetically beautiful.

Most rewarding part of the job?

I would say is when we get feedback from our customers, and they are so happy with the chocolates, is almost the best feeling. Sometimes when we have walk in customers that taste our chocolates and you see the sparkle and smile in their eye is when you know, you’ve done a good job.

Bestsellers & Gifting Suggestions?

It’s difficult for me to tell you which of our chocolates are our best sellers as we have some customers who enjoy fruity flavours, some like nutty instead but we strongly believe if people are more open to tasting them, they’re all pretty amazing. We do customise bonbons for our customers. Whether in boxes or for events and functions such as wedding, engagements, parties or birthdays. They come in different shapes, colours and flavours to suit the customers requirement. I would always invite our customers in for them to have a taste test before the final order is placed. That way they would know what they would be receiving on that day.

How to Order?

We can be contacted directly via calls, WhatsApp, Instagram or you can just come on by and make the order. As we make the chocolates fresh upon order, all orders will have to be made in advance to avoid disappointments.

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