At HuQQa, They Serve A Turkish Breakfast For Kings


Huqqa Muscat, Authentic Turkish Restaurant in Oman

They say you can fool a person’s mind and eyes, but never the mouth. This gem of a restaurant is a testament to that.

After only a couple of visits to Huqqa – an international restaurant serving authentic Turkish – I have become obsessed with their crafted dishes that transport me to the alleys of Istanbul. I am truly hooked on Huqqa. Yes, it’s become my new dining therapy, and I love every second of it.

Launched recently at Al Mouj Marina, Huqqa and Huqqa The Market serve some of the best Turkish delights and juicy steaks in Oman, all while overlooking a breath-taking marina.

The place is quite an experience that’s unique to Oman, with a vibrant ambience and appetising offerings that pack a ton of entertaining elements that elevate a typical dine-out.

Their menu is well-crafted to feature some of the best dishes from Turkey, but I was mostly blown by their massive breakfast spread. Yes, I had the pleasure of designing my breakfast spread, which had a combination of morning staples and Mediterranean favourites, served in a true Turkish fashion.

This quintessential ritual breakfast starts with shareable plates of kaymak, a Turkish clotted cream with honeycomb; börek, a baked pastry with cheese and eggs; acúka spread, made of red pepper, walnut and tomato; soslu patlican, an eggplant dish made with tomatoes, pogača, a biscuit-texture bread infused with dill leaves and cheese (an absolute favourite); Turkish-style potatoes; a plate of cheese with fig and walnuts; garden salads and seasonal fruits; a bunch of mixed olives bathing in extra virgin olive oil, savoured with an assortment of preserves including sour cherry jam, strawberry jam, and Nutella.

Huqqa Muscat, Authentic Turkish Restaurant in Oman
Courtesy of Huqqa Muscat

The breakfast spread is enjoyed with a lavish breadbasket that has a variety of baked goods including the simit, a Turkish bagel covered with generous sprinkles of sesame seeds.

For the mains, we opted for eggs with a small wok of sujuk (dry, spicy sausage) and grilled halloumi, and then we washed it down with freshly-squeezed juice and unlimited cups of the ever-popular Turkish tea.

If you are someone like me who loves trying everything in small quantities, then this breakfast is definitely for you. As predicted, the breakfast was amazing. I had a wonderful time with the family, and I trust you will, too.

Huqqa Muscat
Al Mouj Marina, Al Hail North, Seeb
+968 2454 9977

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