This Omani 3D Artist Takes Digital Art To Another Level

An Interview With Muntaser Al Busafi, A Young Emerging Artist

There is something about Muntaser Al Busafi’s work that makes you want to explore his colourful mind and wander inside his imagination. At 22, this young emerging artist who’s also a computer engineering student at Higher Technical College has an unparalleled passion for 3D graphics and animation. Oman Magazine meets him for a quick chat about his digital craft.

How did you get involved in digital art?

The people surrounding me are my greatest influence. I was born into a family of creators that is inspired by technological innovations used in making movies and video games. I was inspired as well.

What kind of art or theme do you enjoy exploring?

I enjoy artworks that depend on the use of continuous movement and lighting, with a focus on different geometric shapes and materials. I also love projects that focus on the aspect of time, which is the most important element in my work.

Why digital art, what makes it an art form that you cannot live without?

It is the future we are heading towards and the type of art that is needed in all industries. It also allows an artist to create works that would never have been possible a few years ago. It’s fascinating.

What is it about your art that puts you on a lane of your own? 

I’d say the mediums I use, as well as the 3D software with high quality. With 3D computer graphics, it requires a high set of skills to control various parameters such as 3D models and their materials, the lighting and more importantly the choreographed animations that I introduce.

Your work seems to have unique and interesting use of textures and materials. What influences your creative process?

I find inspiration from movies, great artists and designers such as Simon Holmedal, Beetle, Ash Thorp and Lukas Vojir. 

 Tell us about your installation at the 2018 Young Emerging Artists Awards, how did the concept come about?

Participating in the Stal Gallery competition was such a beautiful achievement. Pierre Gassendi once said, “Time always flows equal and doesn’t undergo any changes, independent of existence or absence of things, independent of their motion or rest.” In most of my recent artistic explorations, I focus on the idea of ‘time’ and ‘cycles’. Humans, natural objects, and cosmic objects go through cycles as time passes.

The artwork at the awards explored ‘time’ through the cycle of a human growing up, depicted through abstract geometry, materials and textures found in the Omani environment, and animated for a presentation on 4 connected screens. The animations would flow from one screen to the other forcing the viewer to follow objects of interest in physical space by moving around the installation.

What’s next for Muntaser Al Busafi?

I am currently working on 3D projects for Busafi Visuals and I am working on a 3D video design for one of the worlds major brands in the field of jewellery and accessories as well. I aspire to reach a global level and to participate in motion graphics and 3D in Hollywood. 

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