Portfolio: Dreamy Landscapes by Michael D’Souza In Oman

Portfolio is a column that showcases the best corners of Oman, captured by gifted local and international photographers.

Michael D’Souza (known simply as Mike) is one of the most talented photographers in town who’s breathtaking, surreal landscape photographs have graced the pages of our print edition, Oman Tourism. This week, we present to you a gallery of his work encompass his love for travelling and his passion for capturing things leave an impression on him. 

Although his main focus is landscapes and nature, he continues to cross genres and explore new challenges and exciting avenues of creativity. His forte is in using long exposure to capture landscapes and seascapes across Oman, but he’s also keen on snapping wildlife.  

In 2017, Mike had a lucky encounter with a large rare bird nearby Al Mouj area of seaside Muscat. Upon investigations, the bird was identified as a Canada Goose. The Oman Bird Register confirmed that this bird was a first-time visitor to Oman and mike was the first person to have sighted and recorded the new bird.

“I love to create unexpected scenes with an element of surprise. The magic of long exposure will always be my favourite thing to play around with; transforming images into dreamy artworks is something special for me, which I wish to continue creating forever”

Keep up with Michael D’Souza: (for Birds & animals pictures)



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