Omani Artist Sanaa Al-Haib In Her Own Words

Since childhood, my calling to art was incredibly strong and it is within art that I found myself and my talent.

Unfamiliar to my family circle, I decided to study fine art at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Muscat under the guidance of the great Iraqi artist and calligrapher, Professor Dr. Iyad Al-Husseini, who is currently on a scientific sabbatical at the Institute for Advanced European Studies in Paris at the moment.

Through my studies I began to get to know art more deeply, and from my love for women, the homeland, and the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy. Here I invite the viewer to reflect. For it presents the time for colours to read together with my paintings that talk about Omani women, traditional jewellery and the Islamic letters that I so love.

My artistic name, commonly known among my colleagues, is Sanaa Bint Naseeb Aman Al Haib. Outside of my art, I am married and have four children. Currently I am blessed to be able to spend my full-time in the art studio. For those reading who would like to get professionally recognised for their art endeavours in Oman, I qualified with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Scientific College, associated with American University and became a member of the Omani Society for Fine Arts and Youth Studio and Scientific Club since 1999.

I held my first art exhibition in conjunction with the Sultanate’s celebrations of the 47th glorious National Day at the reception ceremony of the Sultanate’s embassy in the Belgian capital Brussels 2017 as well as participated in the Omani Cultural Heritage Day exhibition at the European Parliament on November 7, 2017; and I reaped the benefits of such exposure and celebrations! I was also honoured to receive a certificate of thanks and appreciation from the European Parliament on the occasion of the Omani Heritage and Culture Day.

I have been involved in many participations inside and outside the Sultanate and hosted several workshops, the most important of which are the ‘Color Workshop Arne Art Gallery’ organized by humanitarian and charitable societies. I chose to participate in a group of European artists to represent women on the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2018, in Brussels.

International Women’s Day Exhibition and Mother’s Day 2020 and the virtual exhibition of Omani artists 2020 Under the auspices of Covid 19. I am now getting ready to participate in Arn Art Gallery of art in Belgium to display a group of my artworks that concern women and Arab crafts.

The art market is a step I have taken, whether through the internet or even on the ground during my time in one of the European countries. We also know that art is a difficult commodity to market, as well as satisfying the markets within the Omani society, that still lack expertise. The issue has not been addressed to this day, so I wanted my business to evolve globally ensuring a commercially successful relationship with art; it can be said that today’s art market is a science.

Under the new government and the exciting eras yet to follow, I hope that the art sector in my country Oman, will expand it’s appreciation and evaluation of art, which is of great importance.

Words by Omani Artist, Sana Al Habib

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