Six Senses Zil Pasyon, paradise within.


Six Senses Zil Pasyon is an intimate private island-escape, crafted for bliss, and wellness-loving individuals.



A 25-minute helicopter ride with Seychelles’ Zil Air from Mahé to Felicité Island will set the mood of your escapade. Leaving everything that weighs you down. The ultimate goal is to experience that you are actually disconnected from the fuss and entanglements of city life.

As soon as you set foot on Six Senses, heartwarming greetings, incredible energy and genuine smiles will welcome you.

Now let’s talk service. Six Senses’ magic touch echoes through the service and training of their staff. They are well-trained in the art of wellness. They anticipate what you want, before you even ask for it. That to me, is what separates a Six Senses Resort from all other properties.



Let’s talk about Food & Beverage. Six Senses Zil Pasyon’s Chef de Cuisine, along with his culinary army will transport you to the local and exotic flavors of Seychelles. Within the island are dining experiences that cater to a variety of taste-seekers.

From festive BBQ, fresh ‘catch of the day’ seafood-off-the-grill that’s drizzled with lemon, to steak that melts in your mouth like butter and honey. Must try the octopus curry! One of Seychelles’ best kept secrets.

I also recommend having breakfast at the privacy of your villa. The thought of it makes me smile. Oh! They make the best hot coco.



The property has so many angles, amenities, the spa, ‘ah wow’, the spa. Must book a healing session with one of their visiting practitioners. From Reiki, to Bowen, to aligning your vibration, or a relaxing massage. It’s like digging through the layers of muck that’s been created by our day to day activities, and these layers of masks we have to wear at all times. Six Senses is about unzipping these layers; helping you dig deeper within, because that incredible pot of gold you’ve been seeking, this whole time, is you. This island is not a journey away, but rather a journey within.

A universe of pristine-white sand beach, surrounded by turquoise water. A nesting sanctuary of sea turtles. Occasionally, you could get lucky (like I did) and see dolphins as you snorkel. Barefoot-luxury at its finest, with passion for sustainability and true love for the environment it belongs.



The villas are all amazing, each has its own signature view. The beds are so comfortable, you’ll have a hard time leaving. Explore all of their beaches, it’s a discovery adventure, I tell ya!
Here, you become king of your own parallel universe.

Book ahead of time and don’t think twice. It’s the best present you can give to anyone, and to yourself for that matter.


You can thank me later.

Only the best,
Lucas Raven