The HUAWEI nova 3e Combines Elegant Hardware with Powerful Software

Just like a good horse needs a good saddle, a high quality smartphone needs a solid UI system to match its hardware. Today marks the official launch of the new HUAWEI nova 3e. With its excellent build quality, this smartphone boasts a fashionable overall design that features FullView display. Additionally, Huawei has equipped this model with the latest EMUI 8.0 operating system (OS). This combination of software with hardware offers an unparalleled user experience.

Being Meticulous About Hardware

Recognizing that hardware is the foundation of a smartphone, Huawei invested enormous time and energy into designing the hardware for the HUAWEI nova 3e, paying close attention to the details. First, Huawei adopted a FullView display-based design with a screen of 5.84 inches diagonally (5.7 inches in the case of rounded corners). Meanwhile, a 19:9 body ratio brings users better reading, entertaining and gaming experiences.

For its exterior design, the HUAWEI nova 3e is surrounded by a metallic central box with an extremely strong metallic texture which, in contrast with the front/rear 2.5D glass, underscores the device’s superb quality. Meanwhile, the double rail feature on both sides makes for a multi-layered design that is visually and physically thinner and more elegant.

In order to meet user requirements for photography, the HUAWEI nova 3e features a front camera with 24 megapixels (16 megapixels outside China), bringing users a wider viewing angle. This camera also contains 5P lenses for improved photosensitivity.

Meeting Every Requirement for Software

If hardware is the foundation of a smartphone, software is at its core. The EMUI 8.0 OS was designed to improve user experience on the HUAWEI nova 3e. The most immediate benefit from this OS lies in significant improvements around performance. Tests show that EMUI 8.0 boasts a 12 percent increase in performance, a 20 percent increase in the smoothness of video playback, a 15 percent increase in app responsiveness and a 50 percent decrease in frame loss over EMUI 5.1. Improvements in these parameters directly influence app user experience.

Additionally, EMUI features adjustments specific to the FullView display’s notch design. More specifically, it’s optimized to meet requirements for showing content on the smartphone’s status bar, ensuring that at least ten icons can be shown on the signal bar beside the notch. For users who don’t like the notch, EMUI offers the option of fully masking out the notch area.

The HUAWEI nova 3e comes with many other features, such as the autonomous learning system, which is able to accurately predict user behavior for enhanced user experience. The HUAWEI nova 3e also features floating navigation, screen shooting with three fingers, smart screen split, Privacy Space 2.0 and gaming assistant.

The HUAWEI nova 3e smartphone features excellent software and hardware designs. Great hardware design guarantees high performance, while the newly adapted EMUI 8.0 provides this smartphone with even better functionality.