The First Ferrari V8 Four-Seater: GTC4Lusso T Arrives in Oman

Alfardan Motors, the official Ferrari dealer in Oman, hosted an exclusive action-packed driving experience for clients this week. Held at Muscat Bay, the event was designed to showcase the blistering performance and breath-taking agility of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T.

A hand-picked selection of exclusive guests were invited to get behind the wheel of the GTC4Lusso T to test the limits of this versatile four seater, which surpasses expectations through its incredible power and precise handling. Ushering in a whole new Ferrari Grand Touring concept, the car is aimed at drivers seeking a car that is sporty and dynamic, as well as being perfect for driving on a daily basis.


Like every engine born from the Maranello stable, the GTC4Lusso T’s V8 twin turbo has all the classic Ferrari power unit qualities: razor-sharp throttle response, award-winning performance, continuous and powerful acceleration at all speeds, an exhilarating soundtrack and compact dimensions.  A low mounted chassis helps sharpen driving dynamics and bring the driver closer to the road. The GTC4Lusso T’s V8 twin turbo engine is the latest evolution to emerge from the engine family that was named the 2016 International Engine of the Year.

When Ferrari’s engineers decided to adopt a V8 turbo engine and rear-wheel drive for the GTC4Lusso T, their aim was to modify the vehicle dynamics to give a sportier feel that was coherent with the handling characteristics laid down by the V12 version. The 3,855 cc power unit is both compact and efficient, developing 610 cv at 7,500 rpm. It also responds instantaneously to the throttle delivering increasingly powerful acceleration while optimising fuel consumption.


The five Manettino positions (Ice, Wet, Comfort, Sport, ESC OFF) underscore the potential of the car’s architecture and vehicle dynamics controls, particularly the rear-wheel steering and electronic differential (E-Diff). The combined effect of the two systems is that torque is efficiently split between the two rear wheels, controlling slip when the rear wheels are on mixed grip surfaces. The rear-wheel steering makes turning in, cornering and exiting corners more effortless, by making yaw angle more predictable with an instant reduction in the amount of steering wheel correction needed and its frequency.

Designed by Ferrari’s Styling Centre, the GTC4Lusso T maintains the same innovative take on the shooting brake coupé as the V12 version, reinterpreting the concept with an extremely streamlined, tapered shape that gives it an almost fastback-like silhouette. The cabin is an effortless melding of sophisticated elegance – seen in the artisan quality of the prestigious hides – and the high-tech, sporty aspect of the metal or carbon-fibre components mainly found in the human-machine interfaces.

The GTC4Lusso T features the unique Dual Cockpit architecture, designed to enhance the shared driving experience for both driver and passenger. It also incorporates the latest iteration of the infotainment system complete with an impressive 10.25” HD capacitive touchscreen.

Commenting on the launch of the brand new super car, Mohamed El Zawawy, Assistant General Manager at Alfardan Motors, said: “We are incredibly excited to showcase the impeccable qualities of the GTC4Lusso T in Oman; a car that truly embodies a unique blend of performance, agility and versatility. The GTC4Lusso T offers our clientele in Oman the opportunity to explore the Sultanate across all driving conditions, without compromising on power or comfort.”