The Fine Art Of Time: Cartier

There are countless watchmakers in the world but there are only a few that make watches with such perfection that they pronounce personality, luxury, style, brilliance and originality. Worn with pride, these pieces can tell stories of the past, present and the future.

Once such brand is Cartier – a master at watchmaking and a legend in design and style that has revolutionized the horology industry.

Founded by Louis-François Cartier in 1847, the eponymous company was only making just timepieces that were small in size with simpler mechanisms but with greater reliability and precision. It took a couple of generations when the popular trio Cartier Brothers, Louis, Pierre and Jacques transformed Cartier brand into fine pieces of bespoke jewelry combined with precision science. The Cartier brothers placed craftsmanship and creativity at the very heart of their creations. Today Cartier is exclusivity of the royals, celebrities, rich and famous and of course, ardent watch aficionados.

Recently Cartier, in partnership with Khimji Watches, held their first ‘Watchmaking’ event, in Muscat showcasing some of the finest pieces from their designer house “Cartier Maison” for an exclusive preview.

A select portfolio of exclusive and bespoke creations was unveiled at the show. One of the show-stopping pieces were the ‘Emerald and Diamond Bracelet Watch’- a luxurious time piece of glimmering jewelry. Covered completely in diamonds, the bracelet watch is influenced by vintage lifestyle when ladies of the yore camouflaged it as jewelry. The large emerald acts as a cover over the dial hiding the time showcasing it as a bracelet. The intricate carving on the emerald is very much influenced by the Moghul art, making the piece a royal adornment.

Another piece, the Panthere with its alluring yet feline grace, inspired by Jeanne Touissant, a creative personality, who dramatically impacted the design, brought a new expression of feminity and boldness to the piece. The new Santos de Cartier watch stayed true to the original Cartier philosophy by reflecting the innovative, ever-changing spirit of its own age. There were some more exquisite pieces, all handcrafted and embellished with diamonds, emeralds, onyx and more. In short, from Santos to Panthere, the Cartier Maison`s models articulated the brand’s boundless creativity and innovation.

At the dawn of the 20th century, Cartier’s simple design and reliable mechanism echoed the spirit of speed and progress of the age. Today its distinctive aesthetics, innovative and bold designs accentuated by precision science symbolizes the modern era. The instantly recognizable elegance of the Cartier timepiece is a mark of contemporary luxury. Constantly in motion, it never ceases to be a universal symbol of prestige and style.

by Christine Karan.