The Dwarika’s Resort: Akin To Paradise

There are resorts and there are destination resorts akin to paradise.

The Dwarika’s Resort is layers of paradise in one place. It’s a wellness haven that’s designed for healing. It’s incredibly difficult to describe this mountain resort in such a limited space, but the best I can do is encourage you to discover it.

Dwarika’s Resort in Dhulikhel is an everyday, every hour discovery. You will experience a bespoke sauna made of Himalayan pink salt blocks that’s designed to cleanse the mind, body and spirit. This, among many others is one of my favorites.

The crystal chamber is designed for healing and meditation, using the magical powers of crystals. The sound chambers, the meditation maze, and the chakra chambers are all there to be discovered. Very exciting adventures within the resort, most of all, within you.

Every corner is a dimension to a realm of well-being. Absolutely empowering. A must experience.

I would go as far as saying this – it’s the perfect honeymoon destination. Serene, intimate, blissful. It’s a place of journey to get to know you and perhaps your partner, more than anything.

The food is exquisite and always organic. Farm to table lifestyle at it’s finest. Everything is personal, do yourself a favor and experience this sanctuary. You can thank me later.


The Dwarika’s Resort, Dhulikhel (Virtuoso & Pure property) is set in astounding natural surrounding and is completely inspired by nature. It is based on the Vedic philosophy and Buddhist medicine, and is a place in which to contemplate, to learn and to explore the connectedness between your mind, body and earth.