When in Dublin: 1 on 1 with Temple Bar Inn’s General Manager, Naomi Lynch.

Temple Bar Inn is one of Dublin’s best kept secrets. An intimate boutique hotel at the heart of the city, where everything comes to life.


As I walked in the hotel to check in for New Year’s Eve at Fleet Street, I was greeted at the reception by Temple Bar Inn’s GM, vibrantly smiling, absolutely gorgeous, Naomi Lynch.



1) What is your favorite Temple Bar Inn memory?

My favorite memory is perhaps one of my earliest during our opening week in July 2014. There was still so much work that needed to be done right up until our opening day, however when I rounded the corner to our reception, everything just fell into place. Seeing the project come together during that opening week and it’s continued progression and success was and continues to be my favorite memory.



2) Describe Temple Bar Inn in 3 words

Stylish, vivacious and current.


3) What made you decide to be a hotelier?

I began working in the hospitality industry in my late teens and was immediately hooked. Initially it was the feeling that you could positively impact on someone’s travel experience that was most gratifying. When I began working in more senior management roles it was getting to know more and more about the intrinsic workings of not just a hotel but the travel industry as a whole that continued to interest me. Ultimately, I think it is an amalgamation of the challenges that are faced everyday but also the accompanying rewards.

4) Tell us about the location and what makes it a tourist friendly hotel?

Our location is really second to none. We are based at the heart of Dublin, in the cultural quarter of Temple Bar. It is a unique area as it boasts so much wonderful Irish heritage that is also juxtaposed with all the modern elements that make Dublin such a tourist friendly destination. Temple Bar is really the star in our hotel’s
success story. Being located in such a central positions means that our guests can explore all Dublin has to offer on foot.


5) What are your suggested things to do when visiting Dublin?

I am actually not a native Dubliner. I moved here during my college years from a relatively small town. It still surprises me the amount of things to do in Dublin; Here are a few of my recommendations.

Go to Croke Park and take in a Gaelic match. You might not know the rules but the excitement and thrill of the game is enough to keep anyone enthralled. If you are lucky enough to get tickets to an All Ireland Final, it will be an experience you will never forget.

Visit Kilmainham Gaol. Seeped in Irish history, the Gaol is a must see. This gem is affordable but sometimes difficult to get tickets for due to its popularity.

The Chester Beatty Library, as libraries go, this one is truly great. From drop- in-drawing classes to meditation in the rooftop garden as well as the diverse collection in the actual library, I would highly recommend a visit.

Visit Grafton Street, every shopaholics dream. It has everything from high street to designer. Powerscourt is also located nearby which is full of boutiques. While there drop into the Pepper Pot, their specials are to die for.

You definitely can not visit Dublin without a trip to Temple Bar. Take in the quaintness Palace Bar, the music in
Gogartys and the cocktails in the Vintage Cocktail Club.



6) What’s your favorite part of the hotel?

Our reception area is a solace of calm for our guests, away from the hustle and bustle of Temple Bar. Set underground, the tasteful decoration, beautiful lighting and accents of Celtic design in our artwork make it
visually one of my favourite areas in the hotel. It is such a pleasing sight to see our guests relaxing with a coffee, catching up on current events or playing a traditional game of chess (complimentary of our reception games basket). From the other side, as with any hotel, the reception is the beating heart, the epicenter of all the inner workings. The days spent in the reception area are almost always the busiest but the most satisfying.



7) What makes the ‘Temple Bar Inn experience’ special?

Of course our location that I’ve mentioned previously makes the experience special. But, our dedication to our customers is really what makes a guest’s experience most memorable. Our entire team, from our door staff, accommodation assistants, floor staff to our reception are completely committed to providing every guest with a lasting positive memory of the Temple Bar Inn.

Lastly, our understanding of the modern traveller allows the Temple Bar Inn to tailor the guest experience to the needs of modern living. Namely, our enterprise standard wi-fi, usb ports beside each bed, 24 hour complimentary coffee and experienced staff on hand at all hours.

8) What’s next for Temple Bar Inn? What can we look forward to?

Our much awaited and longed for bar and restaurant will be completed in 2018. Open to the public as well as our residents, this will surely be a must go to spot in Temple Bar in the coming months.


For more details, visit www.TempleBarInn.com