Stay Amidst The Clouds At Sahab Resort and Spa In Oman

A stone-made boutique resort in Jabal Akhdar, filled with impressions of ancient-old fossils.

There is something magical about spending a weekend amid the clouds, surrounded by a pile of ruggedness and natural beauty, especially if the experience coexists with a five-star service. In Jabal Akhdar, there’s a boutique resort that offers a glimpse into that lifestyle known as Sahab Resort and Spa, a charming getaway, up in the air.

Located two hours away from the capital, this retreat is a perfect destination for those of us who love to unwind in a calm ambience, with astonishing views that stretch and unfold for miles. The minute I pictured myself sipping a refreshing drink by the pool that overlooks a cliff, I was immediately sold on the idea of traversing to the mountains to experience it all.

Sahab Resort and Spa, Jabal Akhdar, Oman

Staying at Sahab serves a lovely opportunity to indulge at your own pace. I had the pleasure of luxuriating at the resort and exploring its facilities, marvelling at its stone-made structure that retains the impression of fossils that date back to thousands of years, visiting abandoned villages in the nearby mountain communities, trying out new hiking routes and immersing myself into the aromatic culture of rose farming – All while enjoying an excellent service.

Sahab Resort and Spa, Jabal Akhdar, Oman

At the resort, guests get to enjoy panoramic views of rocky surfaces that stretch as far as the eyes go, regardless of the angle, there’s always something astonishing afoot. The exterior is designed with arched windows that mimic the ruggedness of the area, and is contrasted with a polished interior that perfectly combines the old and the new. I was welcomed with a cup of cardamom-infused Omani kahwa as I checked-in, then escorted me towards the lawn area, where the rooms are laid out in a symmetrical zigzag design that leads to one of the most beautiful views in Oman.

Sahab Resort and Spa features 27 rooms, with terraces overlooking the breath-taking mountain views. On the inside, the rooms are furnished contemporary pieces that slightly reflect the beauty of Jabal Akdhar.

Sahab Resort and Spa, Jabal Akhdar, Oman

Other facilities include a beautiful pool that sits by the edge of the mountain, suitable for both adults and children, a playground for the little ones; an beautifully decorated indoor restaurant with rugged-yet-elegant elements, serving a capacity of 70 diners; a dining area by the pool, and my absolute favourite facility: The Uru Spa, which features two en-suite treatment rooms and a menu full of massages and refreshing treatments.

If you want to experience true the beauty of Oman’s nature in a true Omani fashion, then Sahab Resort and Spa is the place for you.


Stay at Sahab Resort and Spa

Jabal Akhdar, Nizwa, Oman.

+968 2542 9288


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