Shangri-La Al Husn, A Taste Of A Refined Omani Heritage

Al Husn Resort and Spa serves an unparalleled experience for couples and adult guests.

The concrete beauty carries hints of the Omani identity while serving an unparalleled resort experience full of breath taking scenery, rugged mountains, and clean, white sandy beaches, making it a perfect getaway for the avid traveller and for those seeking an escape away from the mundane.

The hotel retains its modernised traditional ambience that celebrates the Omani lifestyle but enhances its facilities to include elements that offer its guests a treatment for the kings. From exclusive couple treatments to sophisticated spas, and everything in between.

The Exclusive Stay

Al Husn hotel is known as an adult hotel that delivers a one-of-a-kind experience for couples and guests, providing a sense of a unique royal treatment that’s dedicated to serving them in a serene atmosphere. Its exclusivity element is what sets it apart. With custom-design activities tailored to the guests’ interests, the place is nothing short of a personalised paradise for the pickiest of visitors.

Guests seeking a retreat to disconnect from their hectic lifestyle will appreciate the peace and quiet that the place offers, and take advantage of the five-star service and luxury amenities that the hotel is renowned for, including a private butler, daily afternoon teas, and access to a private beach, to name a few.

Guests also have the luxury of exploring the other Shangri-La properties, Al Bandar and Al Waha, and enjoying their amenities while staying at the Al Husn.

The Sophisticated Spa

There are a lot of elements where the hotel has gone an extra mile to create something very different, with a very different story yet relevant to where we are, Muscat. One of the exciting elements is Hareer Spa by L’Occitane, named after the Arabic word ‘hareer’ meaning ‘silk.’

Situated on the ground floor adjacent to the infinity pool, the boutique spa sports a beautiful, simplistic design that boasts four spacious treatment rooms that include two couple suites, and a designated retail area.

The spa has introduced sophisticated treatments that offer the guests something to remember and something new every time they come back. Its rituals draw inspiration from the fabric’s smooth texture and brilliant lustre to create a seamless experience within a relaxing setting, in the hands of L’Occitane, connoisseurs of massage and therapy.

On the spa’s menu, you can find rejuvenating treatments made with carefully selected ingredients by the French brand such as immortelle from Corsica, lavender and almond from Provence, and shea butter from Burkina Faso, as well as treatments created specifically for Hareer Spa that incorporate traditional local ingredients such as honey, which combines a delicious softening scrub with a deeply relaxing massage, to ease tensions and leave the mind truly calm, while skin is left wrapped in the subtle and delightful fragrance of Omani honey.

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