Solo Tacos: A Serious Mexican in The Sultanate.

It’s not often that a fresh-faced Mexican Taco bar opens up in your Muscat neighbourhood, but here it is and oh-how-it-exceeded our expectations.

Having wrongly positioned this superb eatery as a ‘tex-mex’ before visiting, we were incredibly pleased to discover that this was, in fact, the real-deal of Mexican food fare.

Locally sourced produce, early morning deliveries from Omani fisherman and the baking of homemade tortillas, nachos and burritos daily, make for a thoroughly tasty and authentic dining experience at Solo Tacos.

The menu itself, made from recycled paper, presents a simple and select offering of Tacos, Burritos or Bowls; paired with a nice selection of side dishes and extras. “It’s simple food, done well. We believe in quality and great flavour. No compromises”.

We decided to opt for the best-seller, the Fish Taco ‘Shaa’ri’ using local Omani Shaa’ri grilled fillet, avocado, fresh Salsa and a healthy splash of lime. Zesty, light and absolutely beautifully balanced with fresh flavours. It is truly the perfect lunchtime staple.

Next up was the Marinated Chicken Burrito Couple. A marvellous soft flour tortilla (handmade of course) packed with rice, Mexican beans, guacamole, cabbage, salsa, cheese and the most tender and flavourful grilled chicken. With each bite, the flavours unfolded. It’s the healthiest burrito we’ve enjoyed to date; all real ingredients, no preservatives or nonsense thrown in. With Solo Tacos you will feel great afterwards and leave satisfied. Incredibly clean, fresh and friendly on the tummy.

During our late lunch, we noticed a large volume of gym-goers popping in for ‘Los Bowls’. These bowls are in fact rice or cabbage topped with your choice of perfect proteins; from marinated chicken to beef tenderloin, vegetarian options to vegan. It’s a fully satisfactory dish in one bowl. (We shall certainly be trying this out soon!).

Now, onto the grand finale; El Postre, better known to Muscat dwellers as dessert. We adore menus that only do a few things and do them well, and Solo Taco leads in this department. With just two desserts on the menu, we decided to try them both. The Caramela is a delightful flour tortilla lined with cheese, topped with vanilla ice-cream, homemade caramel sauce and roasted almonds. The flavour was not overly sweet and gave a light ending to a scrumptious meal. The cheese, of a mild variety, adds texture and creaminess to the tortilla and is complimented with the indulgence of ice-cream and glistening caramel.

The second dessert, the Horchata Y Jamaica, is a beautifully simple composition. Titled as a ‘deconstructed cheesecake’, the dessert is served as a biscuit base block, isolated, and placed next to a cheese-cake filling square adorned with juicy and jam-like hibiscus flowers, staining it’s white surface. This dessert, in all honestly, can only be described as heavenly. Again, not overly sweet and embracing clean flavours, this dessert allows for a superb treat without the usual sugar overload.

Be sure to try out their selection of homemade drinks, using unique ingredients such as infused rice, hibiscus and even Omani salts from the rock-bed; you can thank us later.

It’s a real showstopper of Mexican yumminess. We urge you to get stuck in and enjoy the best Mexican restaurant that Muscat has to offer.

Solo Tacos
CCC – Qurum
+968 2457 7700