Dar Es Salaam’s Seashells Millennium Hotel


Seashells Millennium is a casual hotel at the heart of Dar Es Salaam. Their best feature, I have to say, are the oh-so-magnificent staff. I had the pleasure of meeting the hotel’s General Manager Mr. Amit Alistair Pingfu, and asked him a series of questions.



Describe Seashells Millennium Hotel in 3 words

  Hospitality, Heart, Home.



 What made you decide to be a hotelier?

 The interaction with guests from all over the world, truthfully, I’m a people-person.


 Tell us about the location and what makes it a tourist friendly hotel? 

The hotel is located about 5 kilometers away from town, and the ferry port (to Zanzibar).  It is 11 kilometers from the Julius Nyerere International airport. All major banks and major telecommunication companies are in the vicinity of the hotel. The famous University of Dar es salaam is just a 7-minute drive from our location.

Tourist Attractions – the beaches and shopping malls, all of which are just 10 minutes away from our hotel.

The famous craft market of Dar es salam (MWENGE CRAFT MARKET) is a 5-minute drive. The Famous village museum is just 100 meters away.



What are your suggested things to do when visiting Dar Es Salaam?

 To visit our historical places, inhabited islands, and to enjoy the night life of Tanzania  ​



What’s your favorite part of the hotel?

 The elaborated lobby with a cafeteria within, serving comfort food, nibbles and beverages, and of course, the pool and BBQ Bar.




What makes the Seashells Millennium experience special? 

The team. Our team is just genuine and truly committed to giving the best. We anticipate what our guests may need.



Keep exploring,

Mr. Raven