Ritz-Carlton Bahrain: A Kingdom Within A Kingdom

The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain is what we would call a ‘kingdom within a kingdom’, a majestic hotel and spa that offers something extra special for those looking for an inspired hospitality and an escape from the mundane, right in the heart of the Pearl of Arabia.

With lush gardens surrounding the resort, a private island with breathtaking panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf, and a lagoon of clear waters, my stay was bound to be one of the best experiences in Manama.

Staying at the Ritz-Carlton had clearly enlivened my first trip to Bahrain; It was such an opulent experience that came with countless sessions of five-star pampering.

At the kingdom, a homely-yet-palatial atmosphere took centre stage. That was my first impression as I stepped out of their Rolls-Royce pick-up service. I checked in and relaxed as royal treatments began to roll in.

During my three-night stay at the hotel, I had an enjoyable sun-bathing moment on a private island, sipped on thirst-quenchers while unwinding in front of a magnificent pool, dined at some of the 11 award-winning restaurants that serve culinary excellence, and luxuriated at their spa that features an atrium pool with a Greek-inspired fountain.

Dining at Primavera was one of my absolute favourite highlights at the hotel. The palatable Italian trattoria is led by two Michelin-starred chef Oliver Glowig who’s known for his reinterpretation of authentic Italian delicacies. And for those who enjoy flavorous dishes from South East Asia, a stop at Thai restaurant will serve a taste that transport you to the beautiful land of smiles; the food is exquisite, and the menu is filled with drinks inspired by the tropical nature of Thailand.

As a fashion designer, staying here was quite an inspiration for my future collections. From its West-meets-East interior, to its contemporary art on its walls, to the elegant ambience that fills the air, the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain is truly a kingdom of its own.