Relaxed Tailoring. Hand-Painted Prints: The Hugo Woman Transforms into a Walking Canvas


Relaxed tailoring, hand-printed prints: The Hugo Woman transforms into a walking canvas

Looking to the life and work of maverick artists who challenged the status quo such as Basquiat, HUGO presents a runway collection with the same regard for convention. Referencing photographs of artists, this season channels the creative spirit and their natural expression of style.

Shapes are pulled apart and put back together without construction, reimagining the 90s for now. Slip dresses transform into walking canvases – as HUGO joins forces with designer Charles Jeffrey, to create hand-painted prints, drawing on the idea of natural artistic expression.

HUGO continues to push the boundaries of gender this season. Taking elements of menswear and making them feminine, the HUGO woman wears tailoring that is all her own and more powerful because of this. Long coats are worn with Bermuda-style shorts, and exaggerated blazers with transparent tops, for a modern take on power tailoring. The pieces appear in stark white on white for a look that’s bold yet fresh, as well as pops of vibrant color, including yellow, electric blue and orange.

The collection also focuses on the idea of barely-there sheers, with slip dresses, bustier tops and shirts made from silk organza. Ethereal designs are meant to be layered for a relaxed aesthetic. These sheer shapes appear even more lightweight against the exaggerated, tailored pieces that complete the season’s offering.