Tanzania’s Regional Air


Regional Air is a recognized leader in the aviation industry in Tanzania that began in 1997 with one pilot and one aircraft. Affiliated with long-established Nairobi-based domestic airline, Airkenya.



With headquarters in the northern Tanzanian town of Arusha, the gateway to dreamy African safari experiences and some of the world’s most scenic destinations. It is no secret that Tanzania holds such a decadent wildlife atmosphere that attracts travelers, photographers and dreamers alike.



A proven track record in safety and ‘passenger-first’ philosophy that I experienced flawlessly. Their flights out of Arusha are part of the safari experience that will take your breath away.



Setting standards in the industry, Regional Air was the first airline to have a turbo-propeller fleet, while Regional Air Services strongly maintains its poll position among the proliferation of air charter companies in Tanzania. Visiting dignitaries and celebrities, have, for the most part, flown with them.



Considered an important factor in the aviation industry, each Twin Otter carries a combined passenger/third party liability cover of $100 million as well as the recent hull war risk cover.

The insurance is placed in the London underwriting market through the Company’s brokers, Willis. Regional Air’s maintenance and engineering is done by Airkenya Engineering in Nairobi, which is a workstation approved by the Kenya and Tanzania Directorates of Civil Aviation. All aircrafts are fitted with weather avoidance, Ground Proximity warning and traffic collision avoidance systems, as well as HF radios to enable communication with our offices.

I highly recommend.


Never stop exploring,

Lucas Raven