Nobu Hotel: Intimate Luxury at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Nobu at Caesars Palace is an intimate luxury boutique hotel that’s centered around the simplicity and tastefulness of Japanese-style interior and hospitality. Service, above all, is what separates them from the rest. Hands down, a must experience.

Nobu’s food and atmosphere is known worldwide; as its beacon of light shines from Chef Nobu’s principles and lifestyle.

Chef Nobu is this year’s GQ lifetime achievement awardee for a good reason. Nobu Hotel at Caesars radiates that. Truly, a masterpiece among all Nobu Hotels around the world.
If you’re looking at traveling as a family, celebrating a special occasion with your entourage, or a hub for your pre-wedding rituals, then I recommend the exquisite 3-bedroom, 10,300 square foot Nobu Villa. It’s the hotel’s only rooftop villa and reigns as king, alongside Caesar in Las Vegas.
Your Vegas experience will never be the same again. You can thank me later.