Metamorfosi, Rome’s Best Kept Secret.

Of emotions and technique, is contemporary cuisine nourished

Chef Roy Salomon Caceres


Chef Roy, the creative genius and beacon of taste behind Metamorfosi was born in Columbia. Curious and resourceful, with great sensitivity that allowed him to capture the strong emotions and the great contradictions of South America. A sports enthusiast, following his love for basketball, like most kids, Roy dreamed about playing in the NBA.

While growing into his love for sports, he was also inspired by his grandfather. Originally from Syria, Salomon Selim Sabbagh shares with young Roy the principles of the Middle Eastern taste.


Fast forward, 2011 arrives, and a new concept restaurant opens its doors in the Italian capital, and Chef Roy begins his most exciting journey. His creativity and his heart have been nourished by both Colombia and Italy; infused as an exciting signature cuisine in the kitchen of Metamorfosi.


Today, Metamorfosi is recognized all over the world for it’s originality, and is proud to carry it’s Michelin star. Chef Roy Salomon Caceres is a prominent member of the Italian Gourmet Society. His creativity, combined with his natural talent to explore new things take his guests in a sensory journey.


His respect for raw ingredients and the metaphor of his cooking philosophy, constantly seeks emotions, as intense as his life story, is transmitted through the unique flavors. This life-changing adventure is on the menu!

A must experience when in Rome.

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