Melenzane Arrives To Muscat

A Kuwaiti-Sicilian modern dining experience with clever fusion, adaptation and a definitive nod to Italian cuisine.

Set in the heart of Shatti, next to the iconic cinema and beloved hipster burger joints, ‘Melenzane’ is an existing brand brought all the way from Kuwait to Oman. It’s philosophy? To bring Sicilian cuisine to the GCC with a twist. Think sauces, spices, and crunch!

Having visited the restaurant for their official opening, I was already impressed by their clear brand standards and attention to detail. The design of dimly lit exposed bulbs, rustic-modernity, iron piping and upcycled wood certainly sets the stage for a trendy food concept hitting our ever-growing foodie scene of Muscat. My first food impression? Just too rich and overloaded.

However… all this was set to change, just a few months later.

I may be somewhat biased when it comes to Sicilian fare, and anything too Americanized often deters me, so I decided to bring along a fellow foodie and lifestyle maven, Christine Karan, for her perspective.

Here’s what Christine had to say….

We started with ciabatta batons and red tomato dip, buffalo mozzarella caprese salad and ‘raguchetta’ a coined phrase for mini beef patties, rolled with eggplant and served in little discs of pita, with melted cheese, caramelised onions and homemade mayo; absolutely delicious. We could happily pop patty-after-patty with these little wonders! For mains we sampled the hero-seller Ricco Morse as well as Pollo Lino.

I am a person who loves to experience different combinations, flavors and essences. The minute I spotted the bright orange Ricco Morse tower on the menu, I had to try it. Plated on slates, the bright orange tower of sweet potato sticks was a vision to look at.

Taking the first bite, the combination of chargrilled beef cubes and crunchy, sweet potato chips was a match made in heaven. Sitting on a bed of secret sauce created the perfect balance of flavours. If you are looking for something that’s meaty, crunchy and oh-so-indulgent then Ricco Pollo is the dish for you.

Now, I am not a person who would order salad at a restaurant, yet something made me order the Pollo Lino. That’s Chicken Salad in short. The thinly sliced chicken steaks were served on a bed of baby spinach and garnished with sweet and sour dressing. Together with crunchy, warm walnuts, the dish makes for a very delicious and hearty meal; it’s most certainly not the boring salad or lesser choice.

For dessert, we decided to try the traditional Pecan Pie, titled ‘Pecato’. Topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce, this sweet, sticky and caramelized pie was the perfect ending to a brilliant meal. As a second taste-test, we tried Melenzane‘s famous Lotus cheesecake.

It’s clear to see why this baked chunk of goodness is a best seller. The soft cheese filling, sandwiched between caramel and a heavy dusting of Lotus biscuits make for a creamy, dense dessert experience.

All-in-all, Melenzane offers flavourful international dishes with a twist and exceeds your expectations in taste as well presentation. We will certainly be returning for more. Good job Melenzane – keep up the good work.