In this world of common brands circulating, and common style replicated by common people, a league of extraordinary gentlemen headed by Javan Gardinier established a game changer. Enter Gardinie, handmade in New York. 
The Gardinie’ Platinum Label is a complete collection designed to cater to the taste of those who seek quality in rarity. It represents a statement of elegance and the subtle luxury of those who reward themselves. The Platinum Label seal represents the dedication to provide only exquisite products that will withstand the test of time, and the element of change. With that said, we strive to create original, stylish and resilient bags that will speak for itself. Crafted with over 100 hours of workmanship by the finest manufacturers New York City has to offer.
Gardinie’ is providing a safe haven for exclusivity; from our sophisticated men’s collection, to the elegance of minimalism shown in our women’s collection, along with our premiere, the most talked about, Bespoke, soon to be launched – Crystal Collection. 
Together, these products are to be considered as representation of distinction. Other known brands have gone too commercial these days that we were addressed by the need for individualism. With the age of Fashion and Technology colliding, Gardinie’ is here to push the luxury and style of leather accessories fashionably forward. Re-creating the power of substance is what we do best. From the Americas to Europe, all the way to cosmo cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Our presence will be everything but ordinary. The Campaign will launch “L’odyssee de Gardinie” – a story of meaningful and rather memorable journeys with individuals showcasing The Platinum collection. This will be focused on the connection between a man, place and bag. Where the bag itself should be able to tell the story. It’s not just a bag where you stuff all your things and forget it’s there; it’s something you’ve selected yourself to compliment every step, every city, every story you choose to write everyday. It’s an extension of what you are. 
Focused on Men’s behaviour toward fashion, we’ve proven that not only are we giving justice and subtlety to the modern gentlemen of today’s world, but actually embody it’s very purpose. Keeping it Masculine, yet sharpened by class.

“The best or nothing – Javan Gardinier”