This Brand Makes Natural Beauty Products Made Of Omani Ingredients

Sacra, A Non-Toxic, All-Natural Cosmetic Line Made In Oman


People’s appetite for natural and organic products is now past the grocery store, all the way to the beauty aisle, as the all-natural, better-for-you movement has become a demand in the personal care department. In Oman, we have Sacra, our very own brand that’s dedicated to making the best of products using Oman’s finest ingredients.

Sacra is a homegrown beauty and cosmetic brand that uses a variety of natural ingredients to create aromatic soaps and therapeutic essential oils, founded by American couple Robert and Rebecca Fowler.

The Fowlers have always been one to seek the best for their wellbeing. They began their cosmetic journey by telling interesting stories with frankincense, which became their main product (hence the name, Sacra).

The couple has travelled across Oman in search of details to complement their new found passion. As a result, they crafted a bunch of products that are easy on the body and smell amazing, too. Soaps, body scrubs, serum, candles, essential oils for hair and skin, body butters and aromatherapy sprays are some of the items you’d find on display — all made with a wonderful base of fresh camel milk and a mixture of 100% natural ingredients such as lavender, lemongrass, spiced myrrh, spiced coffee, charcoal, rose, hibiscus, shea butter, tea tree oil and of course the star of the show: Frankincense.

Their natural-products-only principle extends to the packaging, where you’d see tons of beautiful adornments, herbs, clay, roots and flowers, adding a hint of vibrancy while maintaining the earthy palette that the brand is known for.

Which items to try you ask? Well, there’s a lot to explore. Let’s begin with the myrrh bars, these beauties carry an intense aroma that’s just amazing, and most importantly, they are easy on my sensitive skin. No dryness, no irritations. These soaps contain no harmful chemicals, so I now use them comfortably and enjoy the great benefits that come with it. Their frankincense and honey bars are also great, perfect for those who seek a bar with mild scents.

The mint and orange charcoal paste for your teeth is another must-try product, perfect for an instant whitening effect. Forget about your commercial pastes and get this one polish, you’ll thank me later.

One of the more interesting products is the aromatherapy line, a pure therapeutic experience at the comfort of your home. These products use aromatic compounds with some essential oils to improve the psychological and physical health of human beings, you can get it in oil form or as a handmade diffuser bracelet, all you have to do is add some drops of the essential oil and let it work its magic.

Sacra’s products are available at a variety of locations across Oman including beauty salons, gift shops, boutiques, and yoga studios. They are quickly expanding into other Gulf countries and beyond. And, they are soon to start an aromatherapy workshop for those interested in learning more about it. So keep checking @sacra_soap on Instagram for their latest updates.

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