Shatha Essa’s Ramadan Collection, Keys To The Botanical Garden

Shatha Essa’s Ramadan 2019 collection is an ode to unravelling the majestic beauty of what lies behind the gates of a botanical garden. Through Story 1, Shatha Essa unlocks the gates of the royal Kew Gardens, aptly titled as ‘Keys to the Botanical Garden’. Inspired by the elements of these grand gates, the collection unveils geometric patterns, flowy silhouettes and feminine details.

The serene colour palette boasts soft hues of pastel pink and blue, highlighted with metallic shades and pops of yellow. A romantic aesthetic is brought to life in luxurious fabrics of lace and silk, bound together in a variety of silhouettes emphasising the significance of the finer details.

Embellished patterns of keys and structure of the gates are artistically depicted through Shatha Essa’s signature of classic embroidery. An oversized embroidered key depicts the inspiration of a grand entry into the botanical garden, acting as a teaser on what lies behind the gates. While staying true to Shatha Essa’s trademark embroidery, a new style of embroidery with yarn is introduced on brocade and metallic fabrics; highlighting the charm and essence of every design.

Taking centre stage in Story 1, familiar styles in the form of kaftans and shirt dresses are revisited with a modern twist.

As the gates of Kew Gardens allow the visitors to discover an enchanting universe, Story 1 offers Shatha Essa woman with a chance to discover a refined world of exquisite style and beauty.

Written by Salim Al Afifi

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