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Nizwa Watches: An Omani Love Story Of Time

Oman Magazine interviews the timepiece makers behind Nizwa Watches.

“Our watch is born from our love for the Sultanate of Oman. We discovered Oman, its sumptuous landscape and absolute elegance”. Oman Magazine meets with the timepiece makers behind the all-new Nizwa Watches brand to find out how their appreciation of Oman’s beauty and culture lead to a range of elegant and stylish watches for men and women.

Thank you for talking to Oman Magazine about your prestigious brand. It is such a gem for timepiece enthusiasts, especially in Oman. What sparked the interest to design Omani-inspired watches?

It’s the story of an instant love between a young couple at the ancient capital of Oman during their honeymoon. When we left Nizwa, we wanted to regroup in our collection the knowledge of horology, as well as the character and the elegance of Omani lands, which is what Nizwa Watches is all about.

Your watch collection seems personal and is rooted in Oman’s beloved heritage. What is it about Oman that influenced the narrative of Nizwa Watches?

This ancient capital of Oman, the beauty of the gulf, the symbol of the Arab world, has witnessed several dynasties. The beautiful Nizwa offers a striking series of landscapes, and its picturesque architecture remained the same over the years. In our modern days, watches have become more than an instrument, they have become a jewel with a story to tell, and ours was found in Nizwa.

How would you describe Nizwa Watches as a brand?

It is a true proof of authenticity, in the pure classic watchmaking tradition. We have considered each sample to provide high-quality products. From the best Italian tannery for our strap to the best Japan Movement and Sapphire glasses, our watches are in line with the finest traditions of watchmaking.

Can you tell us a bit about the new collection?

Our first collection set the tone for its launch, with the amazing Oud a veritable cultural bridge between the East and the West. This is a collection that will appeal to a great number of people, ladies and gentlemen, more importantly, the travellers, discoverers, and lovers of simplicity and authenticity.

What is next for Nizwa Watches and where can we get our hands on one?

Nizwa Watches is on constant evolution to please our clients. The Nizwa spirit will remain identical, but we will suggest collections with more declinations. A watch totally customizable, from the case to the dial and bracelets. You’ll be able to pick each element to own a very unique Nizwa Watch. For 2020, we are working on opening a physical shop in Oman very soon.


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