Interview: Atelier Zuhra Debuts Solo Show At London Fashion Week

Omani Designer, Rayan Al Sulaimani, Talks About Her Brand, Fashion Week and Her Favourite City.


For Rayan Al Sulaimani of Atelier Zuhra, a renowned Omani fashion brand, representing Oman in the prominent Stories from Arabia is a major achievement. As a brand, Atelier Zuhra is ranked among one of the top fashion houses from Oman that have showcased on numerous occasions at various international events. The designer has recently had her first solo show at the Stories from Arabia fashion show in London, which is part of the London Fashion Week. Oman Magazine had the pleasure of catching up with designer Rayan Al Sulaimani to talk about her debut show, new collection and what she loves about London the most.

Tell us about your collection featured at the Stories from Arabia event?

The collection is called “Infinity” which draws inspiration from different coloured gemstones. The colours used in the collection match that of the gemstones such as ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and citrine.

That’s amazing. What makes this particular collection special?

What makes this collection special is the meaning behind the collection, which is to embrace the beauty of gemstones and its unique qualities. Each piece is designed keeping in mind the particular structure, colour and characteristics of the gem.

How long did it take you to create this collection?

It took us around three months to execute the entire collection.

What emotions did you experience being part of an international show, especially as an Omani?

This debut solo show has brought a variety of emotions for me. Being an Omani, of course, there is a bit of nervousness, but I am extremely excited and anticipating a successful show because I know the people in London are incredibly appreciative and this is home for me.

Let’s talk about your favourite city, London. Best-loved walk or view?

Overall I have always loved walking on the streets of London where the shops are. It’s just great to be on with the hustle and bustle of the city and the pace that goes on. However, I find calmness in the chaos at Hyde Park. I love that summer walk where the climate is just right for a brilliant stroll at Hyde Park where you see everyone around you elated about life. Dog owners walk their dogs; young mothers get their children out in the garden and wander around. It’s the happiness and memories of that park that makes my time super memorable here.

Any New discovery?

I discovered some beautiful markets in London and found interesting and one of a kind items there.

Hidden gem no-one else knows about?

A hidden gem that I found recently was cherry blossom tree stretch at Greenwich Park. I Have gone to the park one time before on a winter evening, but last summer had heard about the cherry blossom tree stretch at the pathway there. It is incredibly picturesque and one of those places not entirely explored by the tourists.

What advice would you give to emerging and new fashion designers who find the fashion industry highly competitive and hard to progress?

I would advise them to keep up with their dream. However, I would also encourage them to be creative and get ready to compete since the fashion business is a very competitive industry, which requires a designer to be uniquely distinguished from competitors.

What would you say is your signature aesthetic?

Classy and elegant.

What are your plans after London Fashion Week?

My plans after London fashion week are to expand Atelier Zuhra Business to a larger scale, to open stores in various Middle Eastern Countries and later Europe, America, and Africa. Atelier Zuhra also plans to start its online store.

Written by Salim Al Afifi

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