How To Create A Trendy Outdoor Space With Flowers?

Each season brings new opportunities to express your style. Like putting together an outfit, decorating your outdoor space is an opportunity to showcase your favourite trends. Adding petunias to your porch, patio or garden is an easy way to create a space uniquely your own. They’re easy to grow and maintain, making them a great choice for beginner gardeners and a constant favourite for seasoned gardeners. Petunias brighten up gardens, patios and balconies with bold long-lasting colour – and they’re virtually care-free. They love sunshine and add style and dazzling colour with minimal upkeep.

Here are a few ways to incorporate the latest trends into your outdoor space.

1. Make A Statement

Add a pop of colour to your outdoor space with this season’s most talked about tones. Taking inspiration from the runway, try the new award-winning Wave Carmine Velour petunia in a vivid red-hot cherry hue. Or, add the Pantone Colour of the Year to your porch or patio. For 2019, it’s Living Coral, chosen for its ability to “energise and enlighten with a softer edge,” especially in nature. The friendly and lively colour will be everywhere this season, from clothing and accessories to furniture and accents. Plant a container of Easy Wave Coral Reef petunias to brighten up your oasis.

2. Mix It Up

Just as the perfect look for a night on the town needs the right heels and accessories to create a killer outfit, your containers can combine several of your favourite elements to make a show-stopping composition. Make your containers do double duty with combos of flowers, vegetables and herbs. Not sure what varieties play nicely together? Plug & Play combos with Wave petunias take the guesswork out of combining flowers and flavours. The Plug & Play Combo Cantina Heat pairs peppers alongside Easy Wave Blue spreading petunias and yellow French marigolds for a mix of colours as bold as the flavours within it.

3. Be Festive

From Mother’s Day to Labor Day, spring and summer are filled with holidays, each providing a new opportunity to dress your outdoor spaces accordingly. Hanging baskets make a great gift for mom that she can enjoy all season long. Also, the Flying the Flag combo of red, white and blue Wave petunias features patriotic colours for a festive nod to the Fourth of July.

4. Get Creative

Wave Petunias can be enjoyed beyond the flower bed, too! Petunia blooms are easy to press and dry, and can be the showcase of DIY projects, like a personalised phone case, picture frame and more.

Adding pops of colour to create an inviting, on-trend outdoor space is simple, and Wave petunias are an easy-to-maintain yet striking flower for everyone, from new to advanced gardeners. They’re the perfect way to update your outdoor space for a fresh, stylish look that’s welcoming all season long.

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Courtesy of BPT.

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