Explore The Scents Of Majan

Majan is here to celebrate Oman with its line up of six unisex perfumes, serving Omani-inspired scents.

Oman is home to some of the most precious ingredients that make for excellent perfumes, and Majan is here to celebrate and enchant the world with its lineup of Oman-inspired scents that carry oriental touches.

Majan is a luxury brand that truly captures the heritage of its namesake in a selection of perfumes that have been encapsulated in six unisex fragrances, carrying hints of Oman. Majan brings a contemporary and globally attractive product to the fragrance world.

Inspired by the land of Majan (as Oman was called in the past), the perfumes are a collection of reminiscences bottled to offer you the finest of Oman’s oriental elegance. The brand follows the narrative of perfume-making in ancient Oman, which embraces rich ingredients including handpicked mountaintop blossoms, perfumed oils and a variety of resins such as amber, myrrh and most importantly, frankincense. The brand’s craftsmanship is impeccable, serving heavenly scents for lovers of perfumes.

In its collection, you’ll find fragrances with a base of oud, vanilla and patchouli, infused with sensual aromas and leathery notes, among other ingredients.

Some of our favourite picks include Salalah, a mysterious and intoxicating scent, infused with rare oud and leathery notes, and livened with distinctive artemesia and bergamot, as well as TD, a luminous and breezy fragrance imbued with a dewy freshness of citrus, petitgrain, nutmeg and spicy ginger.

Paying homage to the ancient tradition of layering perfumes in Oman, Majan truly captures the heritage with its unique scents filling beautifully designed bottles. At the moment, the perfumes are sold on an exclusive basis at Eye Candy in Oman, as well as Selfridges in London and Birmingham.

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